Shopify Beispiele - 20 erfolgreiche Shopify Unternehmen vorgestellt
Friday, 1 September 2023
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Shopify examples - 20 successful Shopify companies presented

Several million users in around 175 countries - Shopify is rightly one of the largest and most popular e-commerce platforms. Shopify owes its success not least to its own range of functions. The individual customization options and ease of use also ensure that Shopify is suitable for every online retailer, regardless of business size and their own IT skills.

Today we present 20 Shopify examples that are successfully selling on the platform in 2023.

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What is Shopify?

Let's first deal with the question of what Shopify actually is. Shopify is an e-commerce platform for online retailers from Canada. It makes it possible to sell goods and services online or in retail stores via a POS system. The store system shines with easy handling, many extensions and functions, as well as different plans for every size of business.

The Shopify plans: an overview of the pricing models for Shopify shops

Shopify currently offers 6 different plans that you can choose from:

Shopify Starter5€/month, designed to sell via social networks.
Shopify Basic36€/month
Shopify Advanced384€/month
Shopify PlusDepending on sales, but min. 2000€/month
Shopify Commerce ComponentsLinked to sales, negotiated individually

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Shopify examples - these 20 successful companies use the e-commerce platform

1. Vogue

The well-known fashion magazine Vogue sells with Vogue Collection their own fashion collection in the online store under Shopify. Vogue has also implemented internationalization with Shopify and sells, in addition to Germany, in countries such as Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria and many more. Vogue relies on Shopify Plus for this.

2. Gymondo

At Gymondo, users can find fitness courses and videos, bringing the gym home. The store is designed for B2B commerce and is primarily aimed at companies that want to give their employees access to fitness courses. Gymondo also relies on its own Shopify app to manage coupon codes.

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3. Cosline

Cosline Cosmetics is another company that successfully sells goods via Shopify. Customers can find everything related to cosmetics made in Germany. Cosline benefits from Shopify's wide range of functions and has connected other sales channels such as TikTok, Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest and eBay.

4. Degeler

Degeler specializes in selling bags and accessories. The German family business sells its goods through Shopify Shop with Shopify Advanced. Degeler was also very important to have a multilingual store, which could be implemented smoothly with Shopify.

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5. Fahnen Kössinger

In the online store of Fahnen Kössinger customers can find various flags, flagpoles, advertising technology or club supplies. The Shopify store is designed for B2B and B2C trade. With Shopify, they also benefit from the many options and have individual prices as well as individual shipping costs for B2B and B2C customers. A product filter ensures that customers can narrow down the selection of products displayed, providing a better customer experience.

6. Usercentrics

Although Usercentrics does not operate a Shopify store, they have their own Shopify app in the Shopify App Store and thus benefit from the success of the platform. With the Usercentrics app, cookie consent solutions can be easily integrated into the Shopify store. New features are added to the app on a regular basis.

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7. xentral

Xentral is also not a Shopify store but a Shopify app in the App Store. This serves as an ERP system that centrally consolidates orders, payments, shipping processes, and inventory in one place, making it easier for all departments in a company to work together. Xentral also has regular updates with new updates in the app.

8. CdC Reitsport

CdC Reitsport is a renowned company that specializes in high-quality equestrian equipment. With a wide range of products for riders and horses, CdC Reitsport offers everything equestrian enthusiasts need to ride safely and comfortably. The company stands out for its attention to detail and commitment to quality. In addition, CdC focuses on sustainability and thus makes its contribution to environmental protection. The company works closely with experienced riders to ensure that their products meet the needs and requirements of equestrian sports.

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9. Filafarm

Another successful Shopify store is Filafarm. They specialize in selling 3D printers and accessories. For this, they rely on Shopify. The store is aimed at both B2B and B2C customers. Filafarm has implemented multilingualism in the store with Shopify and sells to countries like Austria, Africa or even America.

10. Snushus

Swiss company Snushus runs its own online store on Shopify. They specialize in selling snus, chewing tobacco and accessories. Snushus relies on Shopify Advanced for this. Thanks to Shopify, multilingualism has been implemented here in the store, so that customers who speak Italian, French or English, for example, can also be served.

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11. Asphaltgold

The company Asphaltgold started as a retail store for sneakers and today owns a booming online store in addition to its store in Darmstadt. This excellent Shopify example has developed into a lifestyle brand that enjoys worldwide popularity.The store of our Shopify Plus customer convinces with a strong visual language that conveys the urban lifestyle to its young visitors and cuts a particularly good figure on mobile. The black and white color scheme directs the focus completely to the products.

12. Neuland

Neuland is a good Shopify example of how the e-commerce solution can be used for both B2C and B2B. The company specializes in products and solutions for visual thinking and communication. The brand is particularly known for its innovative products in the field of visual work and is a popular choice for teachers, trainers, creatives, and businesses around the world. Neuland's product line includes a wide selection of markers, flipcharts, whiteboards, facilitation materials, stationery and other tools that help visually represent and effectively communicate ideas and concepts. An outstanding feature of Neuland products is their quality and sustainability. The company places great emphasis on environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing methods. The store serves B2C and B2B customers; business partners see the same content in the store, but at different, partially individual prices.

13. Peso

The fashion brand Pesoclo (Peso Clothing), founded by the well-known YouTuber Justin Fuchs, is on the rise. It stands out for its unique fusion of modern, urban design and casual cuts. Pesoclo stands for varied collections that range from casual everyday fashion to timeless classics, regularly delighting Justin Fuchs' followers. Peso is a good Shopify example when it comes to D2C trend brands.

14. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner also relies on Shopify Plus for her cosmetics line KYLIE Cosmetics. The website is divided into three sections by the colors black, pink and light blue. Visitors are directed by color coding to either the Kylie Cosmetics makeup line, the Kylie Skin skincare section, or Kylie Baby. On each subpage, the color of the main navigation conveys which section it belongs to. The Shopify Plus store is one of the best known and generates millions of dollars in sales annually.

15. Outdoorchef

The fact that Shopify-Plus is ideally suited for sales in niche markets is also demonstrated by the Outdoorchef company. The Latori customer appeals to BBQ gourmets with a special eye for design with its gas kettle grills.The unique, rectangular shape of the grills is reflected in the geometric shapes of the website. Different areas are separated by strong contrasts and the call-to-action buttons stand out in their own way as the only colored element in a radiant green.

16. Horando

Horando is a German company that specializes in the distribution of high-quality watches. The company was founded in 2010 and since then it has become a reputable supplier of luxury watches. The store is designed to be user-friendly and offers comprehensive information about the available watches, including technical details, pictures and prices. Customers can also take advantage of Horando's customer service to receive professional advice and assistance with their watch purchase. A special feature of the Shopify store is the implementation of headless commerce. For this, the company uses the CMS Storyblok.

17. Live Fast Die Young

The online store design of the fashion label Live Fast Die Young is completely oriented towards the young target group and uses various functionalities that are familiar from Instagram. LFDY also switched from another store system to Shopify with the help of Latori. The main reason for this was the increasing success of the brand and the associated higher click numbers. In addition to the migration to Shopify, Latori realized other requirements, such as programming a color change feature on detail pages.

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SHEKO is a brand that specializes in Feelgood Food. Their range includes a variety of products, including SHEKO shakes, accessories and supplements. These products are designed to help people in their pursuit of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. What makes SHEKO stand out is their commitment to healthy weight loss and wellness. The company not only offers high-quality products, but also integrates a comprehensive guide into its online store. This guide informs and advises customers on various aspects of a healthy lifestyle, especially in relation to losing weight. Here, customers can find valuable tips, recipe ideas and instructions on how to optimize their diet and fitness. An exciting Shopify example that shows how good storytelling can be implemented in the Shopify store.

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19. ooia

ooia revolutionized the German feminine hygiene market with its period underwear. The company sells exclusively in the direct-to-consumer model via its own Shopify Plus online store. The focus for the Latori customer is not only on selling the products, but also on interacting with store visitors. In this way, the website not only ensures conversions, but also carries out important educational work.

20. Sennheiser

Sennheiser is one of the best-known manufacturers of headphones and soundbars. For its online stores as well as employees and B2B stores, the well-known company relies on Shopify Plus - and on the support of Latori.

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Conclusion to our Shopify examples

As you can see, Shopify is a suitable solution for everyone - regardless of business size, skills or industry. Thanks to the extensive features or extensions, you can customize your Shopify store entirely to your needs and requirements.

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Frequently asked questions about Shopify and Shopify examples.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows users to sell their goods and services online, regardless of company size, knowledge or industry. With different plans, Shopify offers the right pricing model for every business.

Which companies are using Shopify?

There are some companies that use Shopify, such as Vogue, Gymondo, biomondi, Degeler or Filafarm. There are many more users of the store system beyond that.

How many users does Shopify have?

Several million companies worldwide use Shopify as their store system.

How many stores can I create in Shopify?

With the standard plans, you can only open one online store. If you want to create more stores, you should switch to Shopify Plus. This plan offers the possibility to open up to 10 more stores.

What does a Shopify store cost?

The cost of a Shopify store depends on the plan you choose and the requirements you want your store to meet.

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