Shopify Beispiele: 20 erfolgreiche Shopify-Plus-Stores
Freitag, 16. September 2022
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Shopify Examples: 20 Successful Shopify Plus Stores

More than 10,000 brands in 175 countries use Shopify Plus. The powerful enterprise platform for online commerce has been giving e-commerce systems such as Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) a run for their money for many years. The success of well-known brands proves how well the solution performs. We present 20 of these Shopify examples in the following article.

What is Shopify-Plus?

Shopify Plus is the e-commerce solution for businesses that want flexible and fast software. With Shopify Plus, workflows can be customized to your needs and necessary systems can be integrated to ensure smooth operations for high-growth businesses.

20 great Shopify-Plus-Stores

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For some time now, Red Bull has stood for more than just the energy drink that gives you wings. The company has established itself as a lifestyle brand that primarily appeals to a target group interested in sports. The Shopify Plus Store is characterized by good usability - both via desktop and mobile.


The company Asphaltgold started as a retail store for sneakers and today owns a booming online store in addition to its store in Darmstadt. This excellent Shopify example has developed into a lifestyle brand that enjoys worldwide popularity.The store of our Shopify Plus customer convinces with a strong visual language that conveys the urban lifestyle to its young visitors and cuts a particularly good figure on mobile. The black and white color scheme directs the focus completely to the products.

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Our third Shopify example, the international brand JuwelKerze, achieved great success with an online-first strategy. An accurate understanding of the target audience was paramount in the implementation of the web presence. Latori supported the move of the original Wordpress site to Shopify Plus.Since switching to Shopify, JuwelKerze scores not only with a fresh design, but also with a faster site, advanced search, and better scalability.

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The British manufacturer and online retailer of sports and fitness apparel Gymshark took off since its inception and is one of the best-known sports brands around. When selling fashion items online, it is important to give the customer a clear idea of the products even though they do not have them physically in front of them. All clothes and accessories at Gymshark are therefore presented on models in different sporty poses and dress sizes to show how the different materials behave.


The online store design of the fashion label Live Fast Die Young is completely oriented towards the young target group and uses various functionalities that are familiar from Instagram. LFDY also switched from another store system to Shopify with the help of Latori. The main reason for this was the increasing success of the brand and the associated higher click numbers. In addition to the migration to Shopify, Latori realized other requirements, such as programming a color change feature on detail pages.

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Lensit is the Norwegian subsidiary of Mister Spex and sells contact lenses as a pure e-commerce company via its own online store. The Norwegian brand switched from local software to Shopify-Plus to replace its outdated architecture. A particular challenge here was the approx. 4,000 variants of contact lenses.

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As a subsidiary of the event ticket platform Eventim, the Berlin-based beauty brand Kess launched its own Shopify Plus store. Customers can easily find their way around the brand's clean website. With functions such as Shop-The-Look, they can see at a glance how the products look in use and which ones go together. Customizable bundles make the shopping experience perfect for all beauty lovers.

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Under her label, Victoria Beckham creates luxury fashion that combines her own style and the women of the world. The online store is presented in white with elegant black fonts so that the clothes stand out. Victoria Beckham sells her collections all over the world, using Shopify Plus as another Shopify example.

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Cora-Verlag is a spin-off of Harper Collin Verlag and is one of the largest German publishers of romance novels and penny dreadfuls. The Shopify Plus Store presents the product portfolio and introduces new products. Soft colors create a feel-good atmosphere, which is supported by the use of sufficient white space.


Kylie Jenner also relies on Shopify Plus for her cosmetics line KYLIE Cosmetics. The website is divided into three sections by the colors black, pink and light blue. Visitors are directed by color coding to either the Kylie Cosmetics makeup line, the Kylie Skin skincare section, or Kylie Baby. On each subpage, the color of the main navigation conveys which section it belongs to. The Shopify Plus store is one of the best known and generates millions of dollars in sales annually.

11. OOIA

Ooia revolutionized the German feminine hygiene market with its period underwear. The company sells exclusively in the direct-to-customer model via its own Shopify Plus online store. The focus for the Latori client is not only on selling the products, but also on interacting with store visitors. In this way, the website not only ensures conversions, but also carries out important educational work.


The fact that Shopify-Plus is ideally suited for sales in niche markets is also demonstrated by the Outdoorchef company. The Latori client appeals to BBQ gourmets with a special eye for design with its gas kettle grills.The unique, rectangular shape of the grills is reflected in the geometric shapes of the website. Different areas are separated by strong contrasts and the call-to-action buttons stand out in their own way as the only colored element in a radiant green.

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13. E.GO

Buying cars in an online store? The e.GO brand uses its Shopify Plus website not so much to sell its innovative electric cars as to showcase them and arrange test drives. Just like e.GO's vehicles, the Latori client's website stands out. Visitors can always see what it's all about through image videos or product presentations on one half of the screen and get more in-depth information on the other half.


The history of Allbirds began with sheep and shoes. The New Zealand brand first developed sustainable shoes from the special material merino wool. In the meantime, the product portfolio includes not only shoes but also other items of clothing.products and online store use a clear design that supports the respective functionality. A lot of white space and soft colors invite the visitor to browse. This concept seems to work - the brand made over 277.5 million dollars in sales in 2021.


You probably won't have to explain to anyone what the New York Times is. Even long-established major companies like the famous newspaper rely on Shopify Plus. Times enthusiasts can find everything their heart desires in the New York Times online store: from clothing to household goods to personalized goodies.


The U.S. car manufacturer led by the polarizing Elon Musk has set new standards and also wants to benefit from the potential of e-commerce. To accelerate online sales to the same extent as its cars, Tesla relies on Shopify Plus as its e-commerce platform. Items on offer in the online store include chargers, vehicle accessories, clothing, hats, toys, and even spare car parts.


One of the largest international nature and environmental protection organizations, the WWF, also operates a Shopify Plus store and can be found in our list of over 20 successful Shopify examples. Even though WWF doesn't yet earn the majority of its revenue from online retail, its professional online presence certainly helps fund some species conservation projects. WWF-Canada, for example, already handles all sponsorships through Shopify e-commerce transactions. In addition, a customizable checkout gives adoption shoppers the option to pay a separate contribution to address the environmental issues that matter most to them.

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The French sporting goods retailer has become the largest company of its kind in the world and is therefore often referred to as the IKEA of sports. In addition to 11,000 points of sale, the brand also offers a professional Shopify Plus store. With the help of the Canadian enterprise platform, Decathlon is able to master multiple disciplines simultaneously and have a strong presence both online and in-store.


Founded in 1947, the NBA club not only claims to be the best basketball team in America, but also wants to knock the competition off the pedestal when it comes to online offers. The goal is apparently not only to increase the number of baskets shot in the game, but also the number of completed merchandiseKÖRBE. To achieve this, the Los Angeles Lakers are relying on Shopify Plus as another Shopify example.


The Swiss chocolate manufacturer Lindt launched its online store in just 5 days. At the time of the Covid 19 pandemic, a very important promotion day for Lindt was approaching - Easter was just around the corner. So the Swiss company known for its chocolate bunnies had to act fast and jumped on the Shopify Plus bandwagon at the last second.


The Shopify examples above show that some of the most well-known brands rely on the Enterprise platform and are very successful with their Shopify Plus stores. Although we have presented the stores of large companies in this article, Shopify Plus can also be an attractive option for young, fast-growing online retailers. This article tells you when it makes sense to switch to Shopify Plus .

We hope you were inspired by some of the featured Shopify Plus stores. If you want to trust Shopify, the Latori team will be happy to help you migrate and set up your shop! Contact us.

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