CRM-Systeme für Shopify: Kundenbeziehungen nachhaltig stärken
Monday, 27 May 2024
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CRM systems for Shopify: strengthening customer relationships in the long term

For online retailers, a strong customer relationship is at the heart of their business. But managing these relationships can be a challenge - especially as the business grows and the customer base expands. So how do you manage to maintain and develop customer relationships sustainably? This is where efficient customer relationship management (CRM) comes into play.

In this blog post, we'll give you an overview of the key benefits of CRM systems and introduce you to the best CRM solutions for your Shopify store.

Do you need help optimizing your Shopify CRM system? As Shopify Plus experts, we are happy to assist you. Let's strengthen your customer relationships together. Get in touch with us!

What does CRM mean?

In general, "CRM" is the abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management and means customer relationship management. CRM, or "customer management" for short, traditionally refers to an approach to managing customer relationships. This includes all interactions between a company and its customers as well as its leads, i.e. potential new customers. However, CRM can mean different things to different companies, depending on their specific needs and goals.

For some companies, CRM focuses on the area of customer support. This includes functions such as customer inquiries, ticket systems, FAQs and general customer support. A well-functioning CRM system helps to process inquiries efficiently, resolve customer concerns quickly and thus increase customer satisfaction. By centralizing all interactions and making them accessible, support teams can respond to customer requests faster and more accurately. This leads to an improved service experience and strengthens customer loyalty.

three people are sticking sticky leaves to the pagesFor other companies, CRM is more associated with marketing strategies and the management of customer data. This is where the term "Customer Data Platform" (CDP) plays a central role. With a CDP, such as Klaviyo for Shopify, companies can collect, analyze and use extensive customer data to carry out targeted marketing campaigns. However, a CDP system does not have the same tasks as CRM systems. Although both systems store customer data and may also make it available to other tools, CDP systems are designed to collect usage data on all products and services from various sources in one place and make it available to other marketing systems in real time. These solutions are designed to provide a holistic view of the customer journey.

A Shopify CDP makes it possible to integrate data from different sources and create a comprehensive customer profile. This allows marketing teams to create personalized emails, targeted offers and tailored content that improve customer engagement and increase sales.

With the right tools and strategies, Shopify merchants can realize the full potential of their CRM system to achieve their business goals and provide an outstanding customer experience. Whether you want to improve your customer service or intensify your marketing efforts, a well-integrated CRM system and database can help.

How do CRM systems work?

To understand the benefits that CRM software offers you, it helps to first better understand how it works.

typewriter and a typed word ReviewA CRM supports you at the entire customer relationship level. To do this, a CRM system first collects and organizes comprehensive information about your customer contacts, such as emails, phone calls, profiles on social networks and much more. This data comes from various sources within your company, such as live chats, online forms, subscriptions and customer reviews on your website. In addition, CRM software can also automatically add further information, such as customers' personal preferences regarding communication.

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All this collected data is analyzed and structured by your CRM system to give you a comprehensive overview of your customers and their interaction with your company. This gives you a complete overview of each customer, covering all touchpoints and communication histories. With this detailed perspective, you can gain deeper insights into the behavior and preferences of your buyers and potential leads and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

a round stair with people on itOverall, a CRM system significantly improves customer relationship management by helping you to nurture and deepen your customer relationships. By having a structured overview of all customer interactions and continuously updating information, you can ensure that you are always up to date and provide your customers with the best possible service. Not only can you increase customer satisfaction, but you can also build long-term, trusting relationships.

Advantages of CRM systems

According to a study by the ZHAW digitalcollection, 65% of companies already use CRM systems to manage and organize customer data. The advantages are numerous. The most important include:

Improved analysis of customer data

In most cases, the enormous amounts of data that companies collect about their potential and existing customers are too large to manage and process manually. CRM software stores this information, sorts it and prepares it for you and your employees to understand. In this way, customer information that is distributed across various channels is collected and analyzed. This allows you to gain comprehensive and detailed insights into the preferences and behaviors of your customers.

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Better understanding of your customers

two people are making note on the pagesCRM systems bring together all information about customers and leads in one place and provide a holistic overview in real time. This allows you to develop targeted marketing strategies that are precisely tailored to your customers' needs.

Expansion of customer service

CRM tools improve the quality of customer communication and strengthen customer relationships, which ultimately leads to increased sales. As all customer interactions and histories are stored in the CRM software, customers do not have to explain their concerns repeatedly. Your employees are always informed about the current status and purchase history of customers, which enables customer inquiries to be processed quickly and accurately. This increases customer satisfaction and promotes customer loyalty.

Increase in sales

In addition, a CRM not only organizes customer data, but also synchronizes this information with digital tools such as emails, chats and social media. As a result, marketing and sales teams are better coordinated and can respond to customers' needs in a targeted manner. This optimizes the sales process and increases the conversion rate, as customers are targeted and more easily persuaded to make a purchase.

Increasing customer loyalty

In addition to customer acquisition, customer loyalty is crucial to the success of a company. By improving customer communication and service conditions, you can respond more quickly and effectively to your customers' needs and build a loyal customer base. A CRM system helps you to maintain and expand existing customer relationships, which leads to more revenue in the long term.

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Optimization of workflows

CRM tools automate certain workflows, such as sending emails in the event of shopping cart abandonment or managing online forms. All customer data is collected in one central location, avoiding duplication of work. This gives sales and marketing teams more time to focus on strategic tasks and increase the company's efficiency.

Improved internal communication

a person is sitting with a laptop in the middle of drawn on the floor clockCRM systems promote collaboration between team members and reduce misunderstandings and redundant tasks. This enables effective time management, increases productivity and ensures smooth project management. With the right roles and authorizations, different teams can access specific data and work together on projects.

The benefits of a CRM system are many and varied, ranging from enhanced contact management and cross-team collaboration to increased productivity and better sales management, accurate sales forecasting and reliable reporting functions. By recording and structuring customer interactions, customer satisfaction and loyalty is increased, marketing ROI is improved and the development of optimal products and services is supported.

CRM systems for Shopify: You should know these tools

Choosing the right CRM system for your Shopify store can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining and optimizing customer relationships.

Here are some of the best tools you should know about:


The Shopify Gorgias app is a powerful CRM tool specifically designed for handling customer inquiries and customer support. The tool integrates seamlessly with Shopify and allows you to manage all customer inquiries from different channels (e.g. email, live chat or social media) in one central location. Latori customers Hecht und Barsch and ooia are already successfully using the benefits of the customer service tool in their stores to improve the customer experience and respond more specifically to inquiries.


  • Starter package: 10 $/month, creation of 50 tickets per month included

  • Basic package: 60 $/month, creation of 300 tickets per month included

  • Pro package: 360 $/month, creation of 2,000 tickets per month included

  • Advanced package: 900 $/month, creation of 5,000 tickets per month included

Reading tip: You can find detailed information on the CRM tool Gorgias here.


a Screenshot of Zendesk pageThe Shopify app Zendesk is another CRM solution that helps you with customer service and support. Zendesk offers comprehensive functions for managing customer inquiries and support tickets. With Zendesk, you can optimize your support processes by automating workflows and personalizing your customer interactions. Integration with Shopify allows you to view customer histories and order information directly in the support dashboard, resulting in faster and more effective issue resolution.


  • Suite Team: $55/month and agent, summarizing customer concerns in one place with call history and ready-to-use reports

  • Suite Growth: $89/month and agent, enhanced self-service and automation features

  • Suite Professional: $115/month and agent, powerful collaboration tools, skills-based ticket routing and analytics

  • Suite Enterprise: $150/month and agent, personalized experiences at scale with AI-powered content alerts and custom roles and permissions


a Screenshot of Klaviyo page

Klaviyo is another helpful tool for managing customer data and email marketing. As a Customer Data Platform (CDP), Klaviyo collects and analyzes data from your Shopify store and other sources to create detailed customer profiles. Using this data, you can develop personalized email campaigns and targeted marketing strategies that increase customer loyalty and ultimately sales. With built-in AI tools and proven email automation templates, Klaviyo allows you to send tailored messages based on your customers' behavior and preferences. Again, Latori customers such as Charme du Cheval (CdC Reitsport), Melvin & Hamilton and ooia rely on automated marketing from Klaviyo.


  • Free: send emails to up to 250 contacts; SMS free for up to 150 SMS/MMS credits, including templates, A/B testing and more

  • SMS: $15/month, up to 1,250 SMS/MMS credits, including customizable reports and attribution, and more

  • Email: $30/month, 501-1,000 contacts included, all free features included; plus 24/7 email and 24/5 chat support

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a Screenshot of HubSpot pageHubSpot for Shopify allows you to integrate your online store data with HubSpot Smart CRM, marketing automation and customer service software. The tool supports you with lead generation, sales management and marketing automation. You can also automatically synchronize customers, products and orders into HubSpot to create new audience segments, pre-built reports and automated marketing campaigns. With its robust analytics tools, you can track the entire customer lifecycle and make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing and sales strategies.


  • Free: Basic tools included to get started

  • Starter: $30/month, including essential software for marketing, sales, service, content and operations

  • Professional: $1,781/month, comprehensive software for marketing, sales, customer service, content and operations

  • Enterprise: $5,000/month, powerful software for marketing, sales, customer service, content and operations

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These Latori customers rely on CRM tools for Shopify

Our customers have also recognized the benefits of CRM tools for optimizing their Shopify store.

Asphaltgold, for example, successfully uses Zendesk to efficiently process customer queries and provide first-class support. Through Asphaltgold's Zendesk portal, customers can quickly find help for various issues. Using Zendesk, Asphaltgold can centrally manage its customer interactions across multiple channels (including email, chat and social media), resulting in seamless communication and improved customer satisfaction.

Similarly, Live Fast Die Young (LFDY) and Neuland rely on Zendesk to optimize their customer support. Customers can easily receive support via the LFDY support page or the Neuland support page. Zendesk enables these companies to efficiently manage their customer requests and respond quickly to concerns, resulting in an improved customer experience.

By relying on proven CRM tools, our customers can strengthen their customer relationships, increase the efficiency of their support teams and ultimately increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.


With CRM software, you can manage your customer relationships from one place and benefit from efficient tools and features for your customer relationship management. Tools such as Gorgias and Zendesk help you to improve customer support, while Klaviyo, for example, helps you to carry out targeted marketing campaigns. Our customers such as Asphaltgold, LFDY and Neuland show how successful the use of such systems can be.

Do you need help optimizing your Shopify CRM system? As Shopify Plus experts, we are happy to assist you. Let's strengthen your customer relationships together. Get in touch with us!

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