Scayle vs. Shopify Plus: Beide Systeme im direkten Vergleich
Monday, 17 July 2023
Latori GmbH

Scayle vs. Shopify Plus: Both systems in direct comparison

High order volumes, international markets with diverse customer groups, different sales channels - large e-commerce companies have to overcome several challenges at the same time. A central component here is the store system, which must meet these demands and relieve them of the operational burden.

High-growth companies need a reliable partner at their side for their e-commerce solution, who at the same time offers stability and flexibility for scaling. With Scayle (formerly: ABOUT YOU Cloud), another provider is available that is courting the favor of large companies and enticing them with a broad-based e-commerce engine.

In this article, we take a closer look at the commerce solution and compare it with the enterprise solution Shopify Plus from the Canadian company of the same name. Since Scayle is still quite young as a commerce solution, there are few customer reviews so far - positive and negative voices about the platform are nevertheless highlighted in equal measure in this article.

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the enterprise commerce engine

Scayle: Enterprise Commerce Engine

With Scayle, growth-oriented online retailers have a commerce solution at their disposal that bundles the experience of a major player in online commerce. In the following, we take a closer look at the enterprise solution for e-commerce companies.

What is Scayle?

Scayle is an e-commerce solution from the company ABOUT YOU Holding SE, headed by Tarek Müller. The fashion retailer has created a B2B unit with its own enterprise software, which is made available to other online retailers as a commerce solution.

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E-commerce engine for demanding customers

The e-commerce software from ABOUT YOU combines years of experience and lessons learned from the company's success story in one tool. However, the fashion retailer's offering goes beyond a simple store system.

The Scayle technology is available as a SaaS solution and combines three essential components of an e-commerce company:

  • Commerce Technology

  • Online Marketing

  • Commerce Operations

The software is based on a headless architecture and an API-first approach, allowing the solution to be customized to meet customers' needs.

Scayle provides out-of-the-box various back-end functions such as Product Information Management (PIM), Order Management System (OMS) and store management. In addition, a front-end can be provided.

In addition to classic e-commerce functions, the software also offers support for online marketing. With automated customer relationship management (CRM), an own influencer network and channel management, data-driven marketing on online channels can be supported.

With Scayle Commerce Operations, a Europe-wide logistics network and customer service are available.

Who uses Scayle?

With its B2B solution Scayle, ABOUT YOU targets high-growth B2C retailers and brands. The service portfolio can be put together individually to scale the D2C business.

In total, over 100 stores in 28 countries already rely on the e-commerce solution from ABOUT YOU. These include well-known companies such as Deichmann, Depot and Tom Tailor.

According to its own statement, potential Scayle customers should have a minimum turnover of 20 million euros in order for the cooperation to be worthwhile in terms of the cost-benefit ratio.

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Scayle advantages and disadvantages

Scayle advantages and disadvantages

Scayle advantagesScayle Disadvantages
One software - three servicesFocus purely on B2C and D2C
Cloud solutionSlow development
Customizing possibleNo standardized solution
Internationalization and scaling possibleDevelopment purely on the basis of a Fashion e-commerce player
Not suitable for complex business models
No automatic reporting
Slow support

shopify plus

Shopify Plus: Performant and intuitive Scayle alternative for exponential growth

Shopify Plus is the enterprise commerce platform from Canadian company Shopify, which is an all-in-one solution that addresses the needs of high-growth online retailers. Let's take a closer look at the e-commerce software.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is an enterprise solution that offers a complete cloud-based e-commerce platform. The software is a complete solution for commerce and, thanks to its versatility, can be used by both B2C and B2B companies.

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Shopify Plus: All-in-one solution for exponential growth

With Shopify Plus, the Canadian company has created a plug-and-play platform that can tailor the needs of merchants.

Shopify Plus has high-performance APIs that can be used to connect important functions such as ERP, PIM and OMS systems, but also warehouse management software and much more.

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The e-commerce software offers tremendous stability for e-commerce businesses and is scalable. Shopify Plus also offers the possibility of a headless architecture through Shopify Hydrogen, so that front-end and back-end can be processed separately if required.

In terms of automation, the enterprise solution offers Shopify Flow and Launchpad, two exclusive tools for planning and automating processes. Users of the online store software benefit from comprehensive support in the form of 24/7 support, the Merchant Success Center and a stability guarantee.

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Who uses Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus primarily addresses large, high-growth companies with broad product portfolios and international target markets. The focus is clearly on scaling companies and their brands. The enterprise commerce platform enjoys great popularity - more than 7,000 brands rely on Shopify Plus. These include internationally renowned brands such as Red Bull, Sennheiser, and Victoria Beckham, as well as high-growth newcomers such as yfood, Live Fast Die Young, and SNOCKS.

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Shopify Plus advantages and disadvantages

Shopify Plus advantages and disadvantages

Shopify Plus AdvantagesShopify Plus Disadvantages
All-in-one cloud solution without programming, graphics and design know-how usableMultilingualism only possible via app
VIP support with personal Merchant Success ManagerExpandable Content Management System (CMS)
Simple, intuitive operationLimited content maintenance
Scalability and flexibilityRevenue share
10 stores included
Reliability thanks to low Downtime even during peak times
Suitable for complex business models (B2C, D2C, B2B...)
Established provider with years of experience
Customizing possible
Automation possible
Exclusive apps
Checkout customizations possible
Low cost
Shopify POS enables linkage with stationary trade
Fast time to market

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Scayle vs. Shopify Plus: The comparison

After taking a closer look at both Scayle and Shopify Plus, the following is a comparison of the two systems.

FunctionsShopify PlusScayle
Marketing functions+++++

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With Scayle, online retailers have a powerful e-commerce solution at their disposal that bundles the experience of one of the largest e-commerce players in Europe. However, this e-commerce software is primarily based on the experience of one of the largest fashion companies and is primarily aimed at companies in this context. For complex business models that may also be active in B2B business, important functions are missing.

With Shopify Plus, a powerful, intuitive and, above all, scalable complete solution for online retail is available. The API-first approach and numerous apps allow individualization of the software according to one's own requirements. Large companies that are looking for a high-performance online store solution and want to grow quickly are better off with Shopify Plus.

Latori: Ihr Partner für Shopify Plus

As a Shopify partner and the first Shopify Plus agency in Germany, Latori has first-hand knowledge and is always up to date with changes to the store system. We have already supported numerous national and international brands in switching to Shopify Plus.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Scayle vs. Shopify Plus

What does Scayle do?

Scayle is an e-commerce solution provided by ABOUT YOU to large customers. It combines commerce technology with online marketing capabilities and commerce operations.

What does Shopify Plus do?

Shopify Plus is the enterprise solution from the Shopify company of the same name. The software is aimed at large, high-growth businesses that need stable and scalable e-commerce software. API-first approach and automation features can meet individual business needs - without overcomplicating the software.

Who is Shopify Plus worthwhile for?

Shopify Plus is primarily aimed at large companies with high six-figure annual sales. But even if your business hasn't reached that threshold yet, it may be worth switching to Shopify Plus. As soon as you want to sell internationally, provide your customers with a customized shopping experience, and automate processes, you should consider Shopify Plus.

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