Shopify Wishlist: Das sind die Vorteile für Kunden und Shop-Betreiber + die besten Apps im Überblick
Monday, 15 January 2024
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Shopify Wishlist: These are the advantages for customers and store owners + an overview of the best apps

As an operator, the optimization of your own store is always in the foreground. In doing so, many forget a seemingly simple but effective tool: the Shopify Wishlist. Online wishlists, also known as wish lists, are an essential part of every online store, yet they are regularly neglected. In this article, we'll show you why it's worth adding a wishlist to your store and which Shopify apps you can use to implement this feature quickly and effectively in Shopify.

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Shopify Wishlist: Advantages for customers

Creating an online store wish list has numerous advantages for the customer. When browsing through various online stores, customers often don't initially have a specific goal or fixed purchase intention and simply want to get an overview of available products. This is where the online wish list comes into play. Such a wish list, also often called a wish list, gives the customer the opportunity to save products for a later date without the selected products being deleted after a certain time, as is the case when adding them to the shopping cart, for example. This means that your customers always have the option of returning to your store at a later date to make a purchase decision. This is particularly useful for customers who want to get an overview of different products and suppliers and do not want to lose the products they have found. In this way, the customer can return to your site without much effort in order to make a purchase decision.

On the other hand, a Shopify Wishlist often offers the option to share wish lists with friends and family. This is especially helpful during the Christmas season, but also for upcoming birthdays or similar, as customers can easily share gift ideas with each other. Many wishlists available via Shopify's wishlist app also offer the freedom to create multiple wishlists for different occasions and categories and to customize them.

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Advantages for store operators

A Shopify wishlist not only has many advantages for your customers, but also offers attractive benefits for you as a store operator. On the one hand, the integration of a Shopify wishlist not only increases the user-friendliness of your online store and thus the satisfaction of your customers, but also the possibility of purchase decisions. As the customer can save products over a longer period of time by creating a Shopify wishlist, the probability increases that they will return to the product at a later date and ultimately purchase it. The purchase decision is merely delayed here instead of being completely abandoned. Sharing Shopify Wishlists can also increase the engagement of your store.

Numerous Shopify wishlist apps also offer you as a store operator the opportunity to additionally market products that have been noted on your customer's Shopify wishlist by activating email notifications. Such notifications can, for example, simply inform your customers about products on their online wishlist or even inform them about price reductions and low stocks.

One of the biggest advantages of online wish lists is that you, as the operator, can often see which products have particularly piqued the interest of your customers by viewing their wish lists. This gives you the additional opportunity to analyze the popularity of your products and then market them in a targeted manner, for example through small discounts or additional advertising.

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Creating an online wish list with Shopify: How do I proceed?

Online wish list with Shopify

Implementing wishlists in Shopify can be a challenge, as this function is not integrated into the system by default. Although it is technically possible to program wishlists yourself, this is often considered too complex, as there are already high-quality apps for this in the Shopify App Store. Many retailers therefore use special apps to offer their customers an optimal shopping experience. By using such applications, retailers can save time and resources to focus on other important aspects of their business. Overall, integrating wishlists into Shopify using apps offers a user-friendly solution that improves the shopping experience for customers and increases conversion rates.

The Shopify App Store offers you a selection of Wishlist Apps that simplify the creation process and often provide additional tools, such as the option to notify your customers by email, for an extra charge. We have put together a selection of Shopify wishlist apps for you here to give you an overview of the services and possible tariffs. The advantage of many of these apps is that no programming knowledge is required, making them relatively easy to use.

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Wishlist Plus

Wishlist Plus Shopify App

One of the most popular apps in the Shopify Store, with numerous and above all predominantly positive reviews, is the Wishlist Plus app. In addition to a free plan, the app also offers 3 paid plans, which range in price from $14.99/month to $99.99/month, from the Starter plan to the Pro version.

The availability of additional tools increases with the price, with the free version, for example, allowing you to add up to 100 items per month to your wish list and share them by e-mail. With the Pro version, this number increases to up to 10,000 items per month and also allows you to notify your customers of price reductions, for example. Even if the prices of this app are slightly higher compared to others, it offers you a full range of functions for managing wish lists in your Shopify store.

Click here for the Wishlist Plus app

Asphaltgold - Optimized shopping experience through customized wishlists

Asphaltgold Wishlist Plus Shopify AppAs a Shopify Plus agency, we usually also implement wish lists in Shopify via the Wishlist Plus app. Our customer Asphaltgold is an example of a retailer that already successfully relies on this app to give its customers the opportunity to create wish lists and keep track of their favorites. Other satisfied customers, including CdC Reitsport, Live Fast Die Young and Coeur de Lion, also rely on the benefits of Wishlist Plus.

By integrating this app, the sneaker retailer is significantly optimizing its customers' shopping experience. Customers can now easily select their favorite sneakers from the wide range, save them in their personalized wish lists and access them at any time. This function not only contributes to user-friendliness, but also creates a closer bond between the customer and the online store.

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Wishlist Hero

Wishlist Hero Shopify App

In addition to sharing wish lists, the Wishlist Hero app offers individual customization of wish lists. Another clear advantage of this app is that your customers can freely customize their online wish lists even without logging in.

Our customer Cosline is one of the users of this app and actively uses it in their online store. This Shopify Wishlist app also offers the option of informing your customers directly by email about price reductions or low stock levels, as well as the ability to view individual buyers' wish lists. In addition to a free plan, Wishlist Hero also offers 2 paid plans, which start at $4/month and end with the Gold plan at $17/month.

The price-performance ratio of this app is a great advantage, although it can certainly keep up with other apps in terms of functionality.

Click here for the Wishlist Hero app.

Hulk Advanced Wish List

The wish list app Hulk is one of the few apps that does not offer a free plan. Here you can customize wishlists within 4 different plans, send notifications to your customers, and create and share multiple wishlists within the higher plans. The tariffs range from $4.90/month to $49.90/month. The functionality of this app is comparable to others in the Shopify Store, but the lack of a free option is a clear disadvantage compared to other providers.

Click here for the Hulk app.

Listr: Wishlist + Reminder

Lisrt: Wishlist Shopify App

This app is one of the cheapest variants in the Shopify App Store, as there is only a premium plan for $4.99/month in addition to a free version. In addition to the option to share wishlists via email or on social media, the premium plan also offers notifications to your customers and the option to customize the wishlist page. Wishlist + Share + Review stands out positively with its affordable premium plan, although the installation of the app is a little more cumbersome compared to others and requires the support of the Shopify app team.

Click here for the Listr app.


Introducing a Shopify Wishlist is a simple and efficient way to quickly improve your online store in the new year. Not only does a wishlist allow customers to save products in categories and share them with family and friends, it also increases the likelihood of sales decisions and allows store owners to generate additional customer information. In the Shopify App Store you will find a selection of apps that make it easier for you to create such a wishlist feature.

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Frequently asked questions about Shopify Wishlists

How do I create a wishlist with Shopify?

You can easily add a Shopify wishlist to your store using wishlist apps from the Shopify App Store. There are numerous different apps and tariffs available that offer different features.

What are the benefits of a wish list for my customers?

When you create an online wish list, you offer your customers a helpful tool because it allows them to save, categorize and share products over a longer period of time. A wish list therefore not only increases user-friendliness and thus the satisfaction of your customers, but also increases the likelihood of purchase decisions.

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