Shopify Editions Winter 2024
Thursday, 1 February 2024
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Shopify Editions Winter 2024

The new Shopify Edition Winter '24 has been live since January 31, 17:00 German time. In the live walkthrough with Glen Coates, VP Product at Shopify, some of the most exciting updates were presented. Among the announced updates are some new features and insights that we were more than excited about.

In this article, we provide an overview of what we consider to be the most exciting updates.

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What are Shopify Editions?

Shopify Editions is a format published directly by Shopify that reports on new updates, features and previews for the Shopify and Shopify Plus platform twice a year - in winter and summer. In addition to videos and help centre articles, there is a landing page that goes live on the pre-announced date and shows all the updates bundled together.

The last Shopify Editions Summer '23 were released in July 2023. The current version of the Shopify Editions for winter went live on January 31, 2024 and can be viewed on the Shopify Editions landing page.

What's new?

Increase of the variant limit

Shopify Increase of the variant limit

Shopify has released new GraphQL product APIs in the developer preview that can support up to 2000 variants per product. This means that even more complex catalogs can now be created.

Shopify Subscriptions

Shopify Subscriptions App

The new and free Shopify Subscriptions app now allows Shopify merchants to offer their products as subscriptions. Businesses can easily set up and manage subscriptions, giving their customers the flexibility to change or skip subscription orders directly in the customer account. The Shopify Subscriptions app is available to any Shopify merchant.

Checkout & Extensions

Shopify Checkout & Extensions

Shopify Checkout is seeing another update so merchants can create the best checkout experience for their customers. The updates include:

  • Delivery customization features (Local Pickup Generator API, Order Routing API); unlocking checkout extensions on other interfaces (Thank You and Order Status pages, Checkout Sheet Kit);

  • Customization of the checkout appearance with advanced color settings/schemes, header and footer customizations and container styles along with updates such as checkout/cart validation, privacy consent, card components, picklists, toggle button group, payment icon and thumbnails for products.

Note: This update is only available for merchants who use Shopify Plus.

Shopify Hydrogen - Experience for developers

From flexible deployment options to advanced debugging tools, Hydrogen makes the path to production more seamless than ever before. New updates can be found here on the Shopify Hydrogen blog as well as the updated documentation and a series of examples.

Shopify Magic / AI

Shopify Magic also has some interesting updates in store. Professional product photos can now be created with the help of AI-supported image editing functions. Backgrounds of existing images can also be adjusted or removed.

Shopify Magic also offers the possibility to create store pages even faster. The AI helps to automatically create pages such as FAQ or the "About us" to inform customers about the brand and to gain and strengthen trust. In addition, the user experience can now be optimized with the new AI-supported storefront search functions. This makes searching even more intuitive and goes beyond keyword searches to guide customers to comprehensive and relevant results.

The updates are available for Shopify Plus merchants who have activated the Shopify Search & Discovery app.

Shopify Credit

Shopify Credit

Shopify Capital now offers more flexible and customizable financing solutions. The loan portfolio includes 3 products: Capital Loans and Cash Advances, Term Loans and Lines of Credit.

All Shopify merchants can take advantage of the offer, regardless of the plan selected. However, the selection may be limited depending on the region.

Shopify B2B

There are also exciting updates for B2B merchants:

  • Support for sales employees: there are now new employee authorizations that can be used to assign sales employees to B2B customers. This allows them to place orders and view customer information for the assigned location only. Specific access levels for sales managers and sales employees can be defined via roles within the employee permissions, giving administrators more control over their workflows.

  • Headless B2B: Unique experiences can now be created using your customer's preferred technology stack and with headless B2B storefronts. Shopify's APIs and developer tools can be used to give customers even more control over their wholesale experience.

  • Custom discounts for B2B: Brands can create promotional discounts just for their wholesale customers using 3P or custom apps with Shopify features. The discounts are automatically applied at checkout, including additional discounts on the specific wholesale prices.

The updates to Shopify B2B can be used by all Shopify Plus merchants.

POS Terminal

Shopify POS Terminal

The POS terminal allows Shopify merchants to offer first-class checkouts, with a dedicated terminal with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. The terminal has a full customer display that supports specific images or logos. New features such as one-touch customer email capture at checkout or digital receipts are also available.

The update is available to Shopify merchants in the USA and Canada.

Shopify Markets Pro

The latest updates to Markets Pro enable successful scaling and even more automations, thanks to the localization tools and built-in operational features. The merchant-of-record service, which reduces complexity, also helps to scale a global business. Shopify Markets Pro is now available for businesses in the United States.

Shopify Audiences

Shopify Audiences v2.2 provides merchants with a powerful solution to optimize their retargeting audiences and increase the success of their marketing campaigns. Through enhanced custom retargeting boost lists, most customers experience a doubling in the size of their audiences. These customized retargeting lists allow retailers to target their audiences and increase customer loyalty. In addition to increasing the size of audiences, Shopify Audiences v2.2 also offers the ability to significantly reduce customer acquisition costs by up to 50%. In addition, Shopify Audiences offers the ability to analyze historical ad trends and separate seasonal trends from campaign performance.

Shopify Audience is available for merchants in the US & Canada using Shopify Plus and Shopify Payments.

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Frequently asked question about Shopify Editions

What are Shopify Editions?

Shopify Editions is a format from Shopify that covers Shopify updates and new features twice a year with landing pages, videos, and articles.

How often are Shopify Editions published?

Shopify Editions are usually published in winter and summer.

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