Shopify AI: Das können die neuen KI-Tools für den E-Commerce
Tuesday, 28 November 2023
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Shopify AI: What the new AI tools for e-commerce can do

As part of the Summer Editions 2023, Shopify introduced Magic Suite, a more than complex tool that will simplify life for merchants based on artificial intelligence from now on. The new features are primarily intended to increase the productivity and performance of Shopify merchants. This will be supported by the specially developed AI assistant "Sidekick", which will be available around the clock.

In the following article, we will show you what the Magic Suite can do and which tools and use cases will be particularly exciting for your Shopify store.

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What is Shopify Magic?

Shopify Magic is a collection of free artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features integrated with Shopify products and workflows.

Shopify Magic is powered by OpenAI's GPT3, providing a powerful artificial intelligence platform to help you create text for your store. It combines all the benefits of Shopify with the latest AI technology solutions to provide you with personalized, contextually relevant support for a range of tasks related to building your store, marketing, customer support and back-office management. Shopify Magic is integrated directly into Shopify and is therefore easy to use.

What is Shopify Sidekick?

Sidekick is an AI assistant supported by Shopify Magic that knows all the functions, data and contexts of a Shopify store. The virtual assistant is designed to enable merchants to run their business more efficiently by answering questions, providing helpful information such as store analytics, or implementing entire actions in the store on its own.

Merchants have been able to register for early access since August 2023 - so Sidekick is not yet available to all Shopify merchants.

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Shopify AI: How does Shopify Magic support merchants?

Shopify Magic helps merchants speed up everyday writing processes through automatic text generation. The AI-powered tool uses information you provide to generate suggestions for content such as product descriptions, email subject lines, and headlines in your store.

This automatic text generation is based from Large Language Models (LLMs). These are computer programs designed to process and understand human language. To do this, these programs analyze large amounts of text data, such as books, articles, and web pages, and use static algorithms to detect patterns and understand relationships between words and sentences. Tasks that can be performed by LLMs include answering questions, translating language, summarizing text, and creating unedited content.

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Text suggestions can be integrated in the following parts of your store:

1. Blog posts

Shopify AI blog postsShopify Magic helps you write and edit blog posts through automatic text generation. However, at the moment, the usage and text output are only available in English.

The feature uses artificial intelligence (AI) to use details you enter, such as the topic, tonality, and other special instructions, to write an article for your blog.

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2. Product descriptions

Shopify AI product descriptionsUsing automatic text generation, you can also create and edit product descriptions using Shopify Magic. Similar to blog posts, special instructions (prompts) can also be given here, which the AI implements. In addition, you can also rewrite existing descriptions by having Shopify Magic offer suggestions for selected text. Automatically generated product descriptions are already available in German.

3. Shopify email

Shopify AI E-MailShopify Magic can also provide suggestions for your subject line and email texts in Shopify Email. It does this using details you enter, such as campaign type and product keywords. If you have already written drafts for your email subject line, keywords will be automatically generated based on your subject line.

However, at the moment this feature is in the early access phase and is only available for some merchants.

4. Shopify Inbox

Shopify AI InboxShopify Magic also helps you generate suggestions for instant replies. All these automatic answers are based on Shopify policies and your conversation history. If there is not enough information available, the suggested answers are based on frequently asked questions you receive. You can select these questions and then add an appropriate answer for your store. Currently, this feature is only available in English.

5. Theme-Editor

Shopify AI Theme-editorAdditionally, you can generate suggestions in your theme editor based on the details you provide, such as headings and titles. This feature is also currently in the early access phase and is only available for some merchants.

However, Shopify AI also has its limitations. For example, you can't write multiple descriptions at once or write descriptions for products with many features or technical specifications.

In these cases, merchants should look for more specialized tools or other specific copywriting apps.

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Tips for text generation with Shopify Magic AI

Below, we've gathered some helpful tips that will help you increase the quality of auto-generated texts. Also, you can use our tips to make sure that the text matches the personality of your brand.

Auto-generated text can help you with some tasks, but you should still keep the following in mind:

  1. All texts generated by Large Language Models (LLMs) have different quality. In some cases, LLMs also generate text that is nonsensical or even offensive. So you should always check the generated text carefully to make sure it is correct and meets your standards.

  2. In addition, you can give Shopify Magic special instructions to define things like content length or format.

  3. Tonality also plays an important role for your generated content. It significantly influences what customers feel when reading your texts. So, check that the text generated by Shopify Magic matches the information, your mission, your values, and customer expectations.

  4. When generating automated text for emails, product descriptions, and your theme, you can choose from predefined tones (e.g. playful, professional, persuasive, bold...) or set a custom tone. If you are not sure, you can test the different settings to generate different versions of the text.

Shopify AI Tip

What opportunities will Sidekick offer?

Sidekick provides merchants with intelligent answers to questions, can create customized content for marketing emails, for example, and handles various tasks related to running the e-commerce business. Sidekick is fed with countless information about Shopify and can provide relevant support.

The tool is activated by an icon that looks like a small superhero. A chat will appear on the right side of the screen, where the tool will answer all your questions about your business and will be able to quickly and easily perform tasks for you.

When you open Sidekick, a number of predefined tasks will be suggested to you, which you can let Sidekick take care of. These are, for example:

  • Creating a discount

  • Performing a store analysis

  • Editing the theme

However, as already touched upon, that's not all. Let's take a look at some of the use cases that Sidekick can support.

Shopify Sidekick application examples

What will be possible in the future thanks to Sidekick, we can currently only guess from the information and videos provided by Shopify. However, what we have already seen is more than exciting. According to this, Sidekick can help merchants with the following tasks:

  • Segmenting customers

  • Conducting product research

  • Creating store analyses

  • Setting up promotions and discounts

  • Changes to the store design up to complete redesigns

  • Adding product collections to the homepage

  • Suggesting texts and themes for Hero banners

  • Creation of different blog post types

  • and much more.

So Sidekick will presumably be able to handle some tasks in a snap that would otherwise take minutes, hours or even days. This sounds especially exciting for Shopify merchants who are just starting their e-commerce careers and have few complex implementation needs. No wonder then that Sidekick will be free to use for all Shopify plans.

Anyway, we can't wait to test the tool and find out how it will make store management easier for Shopify merchants and partners.

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Shopify AI tools: 5 useful AI apps for your Shopify store

The Shopify App Store contains a number of beneficial apps that you can use to optimize your online store. We have summarized five of them for you:

1. Tabs

Shopify AI Tabs App

Tabs allow you to organize your product pages using tabs and sections. This ensures a better customer experience in your Shopify store and thus offers potential for increasing sales. The tool also enables the creation of AI-based product descriptions and has SEO-adapted product tabs.

2. AI ChatGPT description: STShopify AI ChatGTP

The App Store offers several apps for automatic text creation. AI ChatGPT description: ST is another AI tool for creating AI-based product descriptions. The tool works with algorithms and language processing capabilities, enabling effortless generation of product descriptions. This helps customers to better understand the product.

3. Adeagle: Get Traffic - AI AdsAdeagle: Get Traffic - AI Ads App

Adeagle allows you to target users who show interest in your products and retarget them through personalized marketing campaigns. Shoppers browse blogs, forums and product videos, search for good deals in mobile apps and explore other stores that offer similar products to yours. These are exactly the places where you can place ads with Adeagle so that customers become aware of your store.

4. SEOAnt - AI SEO OptimizerSEOAnt - AI SEO Optimizer App

SEOAnt supports you with your search engine optimization. The application covers all the key factors in SEO - from technical search engine optimization to keyword research and backlinks to strengthen your position in the search results. It also automates the majority of SEO tasks, saving you time and effort.

5. Tidio Live Chat & AI ChatbotsTidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots App

Tidio is a customer platform that enables online stores to provide active customer service and convert passive visitors into buyers. Thanks to out-of-the-box sales and support chatbots, the most common questions can be answered immediately. With the ability to manage all customer messages in one place, it provides a simple helpdesk solution for your Shopify store.


The launch of the new Shopify Magic and Sidekick AI tools demonstrates Shopify's commitment to boosting e-commerce merchant productivity and performance. Shopify Magic enables automatic text generation, is based on powerful artificial intelligence technologies, and is natively integrated into the platform.

Sidekick, the chatbot-like AI assistant, is another impressive feature that helps Shopify merchants manage relevant tasks and provide decision support.

Overall, the launch of these new AI tools shows that Shopify is continuously working to improve the e-commerce experience for its merchants and provide them with valuable resources.

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Frequently asked questions about Shopify AI

What is Shopify Magic and how can it help e-commerce merchants?

Shopify Magic is a collection of free AI-based features integrated into Shopify's products and workflows. It enables automatic text generation for blog posts, product descriptions, email subject lines and more. This allows merchants to speed up their writing process and get personalized, contextually relevant support to build their store, improve marketing and optimize customer support.

How does Shopify Magic's automatic text generation work?

Shopify Magic is based on Large Language Models (LLMs) that can process and understand human speech. It analyzes large amounts of text data and recognizes patterns and relationships between words and phrases. By providing information such as topics, tone, and special instructions, Shopify Magic automatically generates content for different parts of the online store, including blog posts, product descriptions, and emails.

What are the capabilities of Sidekick as an AI assistant from Shopify?

Sidekick is a chatbot-like AI assistant designed specifically for e-commerce merchants. It understands and interprets questions or prompts related to business decision making. Sidekick uses its extensive knowledge of Shopify to provide relevant support for a variety of tasks, such as creating sales documents, product research, and store theme changes. It is available 24/7 and is free to any merchant with a Shopify subscription plan.

Are there any limitations to using Shopify AI and Magic Suite?

Although Shopify Magic and Sidekick are powerful AI tools, they have their limitations. For example, complex product descriptions with many features or technical specifications may not be effectively auto-generated. Merchants should carefully review the generated text to ensure it meets their standards, as AI models can also generate inappropriate text. It is important to use AI technology wisely.

Is there an AI for Shopify?

Yes, Shopify provides innovative AI tools, Shopify Magic and Shopify Sidekick. These AI tools are designed to help merchants streamline their processes and even perform some tasks automatically.

How do I add AI to Shopify?

Seamless integration is automatic, with the new Shopify Magic, that's natively available since the launch of Summer Editions 2023. Part of this offering is a free virtual assistant (Sidekick) designed specifically for your Shopify shop.

How does Shopify Magic work?

Shopify Magic makes it easier for merchants to speed up everyday writing processes with the help of automatic text generation. This tool, powered by AI, uses the information you provide (prompts) to generate recommendations for content such as product descriptions, email subject lines and headlines in your Shopify shop.

What are the best AI tools for Shopify?

In addition to our own AI tools Shopify Magic and Sidekick, the Shopify App Store offers useful AI apps such as SEOAnt, Adeagle, Tidio, Tabs and many more.

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