Wie Parsa Beauty Shopware den Rücken kehrt und mit Shopify neu durchstartet
Monday, 5 February 2024
Latori GmbH

How Parsa Beauty is turning its back on Shopware and relaunching with Shopify

For over 35 years, PARSA Beauty has stood for exclusive, innovative and high-quality beauty tools and accessories that enable everyone to discover their personal discover their personal uniqueness and emphasize their individual beauty. As the leading beauty brand in Central Europe, they stand for first-class quality and innovation, driven by the team's boundless passion. At their headquarters in Sinsheim, a team of beauty enthusiasts work with great dedication and creativity to develop new products for an excellent beauty experience for Parsa customers.

Pia Hummel and Eva Schläfer told us in an interview what challenges Parsa had to face, what requirements the new store had to meet and how Latori was able to help.

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The Parsa Beauty brand - values and commitment

PARSA Beauty is a German family business with headquarters in Sinsheim, Baden-Württemberg, and has stood for exclusive, innovative and high-quality hair and beauty tools and accessories for more than 35 years. With a product range of more than 5,000 items, over 100 million products sold annually and a presence in over 30 countries, the company is the European market leader in its sector. PARSA Beauty offers innovative and sustainable beauty aids with high product quality in the Hair, Face, Nails, Home Spa and Trend segments in the core distribution channels of drugstores, specialist retailers and food retailers. This meets the demand to support people at all times and in a needs-oriented manner in discover and emphasize their individual beauty.

The challenges: Why the change was necessary

Problems with the old store system

The brand's old store was running on Shopware. As support for Shopware 5 expires in August 2024, Parsa was faced with the decision of whether to upgrade to Shopware 6 or look for alternatives. The following problems with the old system were ultimately the deciding factor in their decision to look at alternative store systems:

  • No support for Shopware 5 from August 2024

  • High administrative effort in maintenance and management

  • No modular, future-proof tool architecture

  • Old content management system

  • Partially no available processes/tools for specific services such as newsletters or loyalty programs

  • No up-to-date analysis of e-commerce and marketing key figures possible

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The wishes, the goals and the design

As the brand relaunch was imminent, the new store needed to be live to drive the brand forward and make the store "state of the art". The online store acts as the linchpin of all marketing measures, among other things to be able to measure activity. The architecture of the store should also support a campaign-oriented strategy, as the focus is on the customer. A modular and expandable concept was important here. Compatibility with Plentymarkets, the multi-channel-software, was also necessary.

Headless commerce was also an important factor for the beauty brand in order to gain more flexibility and be able to react quickly to trends in the future. The easy scaling of content and functions as well as the good performance were also arguments in favor of a headless architecture.

Product detail page of PARSA Beauty

The design of the new online store needed to stand out from the standard Shopify themes. As a beauty brand, Parsa attached great importance to this also being reflected in the store design.

"The company website and shop were to be airy, modern, friendly and inviting. Mobile first, to make it easy for our customers to purchase our products," says Eva Schläfer, Head of Corporate Communications.

The time available for the migration was also crucial. The switch to Shopify had to be completed within just 6 months.

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The Shopify solution: how the store system impressed

As Shopware 5 support was coming to an end and the store was already outdated, the brand looked into other systems. The choice then fell on Shopify, as the store system is the industry leader and provides a good connection to Plentymarkets and SAP. Shopify also offers...

  • ...a high-performance and secure SaaS system with state-of-the-art availability for the front and back end

  • ...GDPR compliance

  • ...integration into modular headless architecture with simple connection to Plentymarkets

  • ...responsive design for mobile and desktop

  • ...secure and proven payment solutions (Shopify Payments)

  • ...simple and intuitive operation

As Shopify was able to meet all of PARSA Beauty's requirements, the brand opted for a complete rebuild in a new system.

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Reaching the goal with the right partner: how Latori implemented the migration for Parsa

PARSA Beauty Brand

To ensure that the switch from Shopware went as smoothly as possible, PARSA Beauty looked around for a suitable partner for the migration. Latori's many years of expertise as a Shopify partner, its transparent and fair negotiation phase and its promising references were particularly convincing. The collaboration took place both in weekly meetings and via a Trello board. Pia Hummel, e-commerce manager, summarizes this as follows:

"The Latori project manager and the PARSA Beauty team were in weekly contact. The project coordination and the exchange via the Trello board were very clear. During the individual phases of the project, we had direct contact with designers and programmers."

As part of the migration, all data, including customers and products, was transferred to Shopify. In addition, the responsive store design was discussed and created. Individual elements, including the brand icon in the shopping cart, were developed for this purpose.

The PARSA Beauty shopping cart

Various systems were also connected, including Plentymarkets as the multi-channel-software and Storyblok as the headless CMS. Latori also developed further elements for this. Usercentrics was also used as a cookie consent solution.

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The new store: What has changed since the migration and what else is planned?

Beauty is our missionSince the marketing campaigns surrounding the brand and store relaunch, the conversion rate has increased significantly. In addition, sales have tripled since then.

The integration of SAP and a newsletter are planned for the future. Pia Hummel also says:

"What we are actually aiming for again this year is that we continue to grow - especially in the online area."

We would like to thank Eva Schläfer and Pia Hummel for the interview and look forward to continuing our good cooperation!

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