Nosto vs. trbo: Was ist das beste Customer-Experience-Tool?
Tuesday, 16 May 2023
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Nosto vs. trbo: Which is the best customer experience tool?

A customer experience tool enables companies to create personalised or individualised website or webshop experiences. For brands, this makes it possible to better respond to the needs of visitors and thus increase customer satisfaction. These tools are often used to increase website performance and convert shop visitors into buyers.

Those who have never dealt with personalisation software before can easily feel overwhelmed by the range of available solutions. With the multitude of features offered for different areas, it is not only beginners who can lose the overview. In this article, we compare two of the most popular tools for personalisation, Nosto and trbo, to make your choice easier.

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What are customer experience tools and why should companies use them?

To create unique online experiences, marketers use the strategy of website personalisation. The main goal here is to improve the user experience. This is achieved through personalisation that addresses the wants and needs of each type of customer - before they even express them. This can be, for example, content or product recommendations that are relevant to customers at their touchpoint in the customer journey.

The personalisation software uses existing data for this purpose - for example, behavioural or transactional data. Thanks to this data and its analysis, precisely tailored marketing measures can be played out. These measures can include, for example, push messages, individualised emails or in-app notifications.

Today, companies can hardly avoid such solutions. Customers really expect to be addressed individually. Due to the huge choice of products offered to customers today, it is important to address the right customer with the right product at the right time. So instead of blindly starting marketing and risking large wastage, potential buyers can be addressed individually through personalisation.

Moreover, prospective and existing customers prefer companies that really understand their needs. They are not afraid to look elsewhere if they feel that a brand is gearing its website towards the masses. Personalisation software can be instrumental in preventing this potential churn.

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How does personalisation work in e-commerce?

Customer experience tools can have very different functional approaches. There are personalisation software as part of comprehensive analytics programmes, stand-alone SaaS solutions, personalisation features as online services or as add-ons to CMS systems.

What they have in common is that they use user data to deliver personalisations in a largely automated way.

In e-commerce personalisation, corresponding tools are usually integrated into an existing software architecture and a resulting data pool. These applications are able to collect an enormous mass of user information.

The data fed in or queried is demographic, psychographic, geographic or behavioural information. The customer experience tool interprets this and transforms it into individualised online experiences. This can be individual customised layouts, special functions or even the exact address of the respective user.

Nosto vs. trbo: A comparison of customer experience tools

There is now a large selection of customer experience tools. Even in the area of personalisation for Shopify, the choice is huge. Of course, this doesn't make it any easier for shop operators to find the right software. In our comparison of Nosto vs. trbo, we show you the advantages and disadvantages of each Shopify personalisation application and draw our conclusion.

#1 Nosto

Nosto is a customer experience tool that enables retailers to easily create personalised online experiences that can make every interaction along the customer journey more relevant and valuable. The tool meets all e-commerce personalisation needs on a powerful, easy-to-use platform. In addition, Nosto works seamlessly with leading technology providers in the Shopify universe, such as or Klaviyo, to ensure a consistent, optimised shopping experience for your customers. You have the option to try out a free demo version via the provider's website or directly via the Shopify App Store.

Nosto: Functions for a successful personalisation of your Shopify shop

Nosto provides a variety of functions to optimally personalise your Shopify shop. We give you an overview of the most important features.

Facebook ads

With Nosto, you get the ability to serve custom Facebook ads based on the products a user has viewed or purchased in the past. Nosto recommends customised products to customers who have abandoned the shopping cart based on their previous shopping experience.

The tool also plays ads to customers who have already shopped in your shop. This way, you can encourage these customers to continue shopping with you and suggest products that are relevant to them. This leads to higher conversion rates, higher order values and happier customers.

Product recommendations

With Nosto, your shop's homepage is transformed into an attractive shop window that automatically presents the latest trend products and shows your customers at a glance what is currently hot. In addition, Nosto offers the option of displaying products that a customer has recently viewed as well as those that are most likely to match their individual preferences.

Product pages

You can also offer your customers an appealing selection on the product pages by not only presenting the most recently viewed items, but also offering targeted cross-selling and up-selling options. Nosto supports you in this by automatically suggesting similar but higher-priced items for up-selling. Cross-selling, on the other hand, focuses on recommending complementary products that increase the overall value of the purchase.

Category pages

With Nosto, you can stylishly showcase the most desirable products in each category on category pages, while including items that the user has recently viewed.


In the checkout, you also have the option to include a section with additional product suggestions, either based on your customer's previous visitor history or as a complementary addition to the items in the shopping cart.


Create limited-time offers or unique discounts with pop-ups to create a sense of urgency and entice indecisive customers to buy.

Or activate a pop-up when the customer wants to complete the transaction. Specific promotions for customers who come to your website via search engine advertising or a Facebook campaign are also always possible.

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Personalised emails

Use automated emails to remind customers of abandoned shopping carts or provide them with additional product recommendations to strengthen customer loyalty.

In addition to these core functions, Nosto offers further helpful features such as A/B testing, content personalisation, mobile app personalisation and segmentation & insights. Well-known customers such as Crämer & Co. also rely on Nosto for successful shop personalisation. You can find more Shopify Plus examples in this article.

Advantages and disadvantages of Nosto

Nosto ist speziell und fast bis in das letzte Detail auf die Bedürfnisse von Shopify Brands ausgerichtet und bietet maßgeschneiderte Funktionen in diesem Bereich. Zu den meistgenannten Vorteilen von Nosto zählen das umfangreiche und interaktive On-Boarding, die große Auswahl an Integrationen und umfangreiche Features zur Personalisierung. Nosto bietet Ihnen unendliche Möglichkeiten, Ihren Shopify-Store für Ihre Kunden zu personalisieren. Zudem profitieren Sie von einem ausgezeichneten und schnellen Support, der Ihnen bei Problemen weiterhilft. 

Als Nachteil wird häufig genannt, dass die Archiv-Funktion nur begrenzt nutzbar ist.

#2 trbo

Trbo is a customer experience tool that allows customers to be addressed individually and personally in real time. The solution is said to be suitable for a wide range of industries and contains a self-learning algorithm that analyses user behaviour. This data enables the targeted delivery of various contents in the design of the online presence, which are intended to optimise the shopping experience of the visitors.

Trbo: Functions at a glance


With trbo, you can offer your site visitors experiences that are individually tailored to their needs. You have the option to automatically adapt the content of your website to your customers, to welcome returning customers with a personal message or to offer incentives for returning visitors with relevant offers and promotions.

Dynamic segmentation

Another feature allows you to identify and analyse site visitors and better target them. Define segments based on user interests, preferences and behaviour - even if these factors change.

Product recommendations

Similar to Nosto, this tool allows you to display individual product recommendations in real time. This allows you to reach your customers at every point in their customer journey - no matter what device they're on.

Holistic branding

Set up campaigns that match your brand - in seconds. Upload brand assets and always style your campaigns according to your CI.

Other functions offered by trbo are analysis and reporting and A/B testing.

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Advantages and disadvantages of trbo

The advantages here also include the numerous possibilities for personalisation. In addition, the tool offers powerful segmentation.

Partly, however, this tool shows usability problems. In many places, it is not always entirely clear what which setting means, so that more in-depth know-how is required. The support is also rather expandable and is mostly only helpful for new users. Especially in relation to Shopify, we lack an elaborate app and simple options to test the tool quickly and free of charge.

How do you find the right customer experience tool?

It is important that the customer experience tool fits your company. Therefore, test the solutions in advance. Usually a free test phase is offered.

To choose the right system, it is also important that you know and define your requirements. Only when you know what your personalisation software should do can you make the right decision. If your business is still growing, you should choose a solution like Nosto that can grow with you and is scalable.

Many customer experience tools come from the field of A/B testing. Therefore, this feature is one of the most important in a personalisation software. Other important core functions are the segmentation of customers and the creation of customer profiles. Based on this, campaigns can be created or the approach can be focussed.

Good personalisation software is completed by interfaces. These create the connection with other systems. Nosto offers integrations for various e-commerce tech stacks, including Shopify Plus. Nosto even sees itself directly on the part of Shopify Plus as the leading add-on for all topics related to recommendations or personalisation.

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Conclusion: Nosto convinces in e-commerce

A well thought-out customer experience tool is an important building block for offering your customers a unique and individual shopping experience based on their behaviour. In our comparison, Nosto emerged as the winner due to its strong features and performance for Shopify shops.

Be one step ahead of your shoppers. With Nosto and Shopify Plus, you can offer your customers an intuitive shopping experience that, when used correctly, will boost your conversion rate and turn prospects into buyers.

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Frequently asked questions about Nosto vs. trbo

What are the advantages of a customer experience tool?

Using a customer experience tool can greatly increase customer loyalty. By understanding your clientele in the best possible way, you can provide them with a better online buying experience. The more individualised the personalisation, the more potential there is for intense customer loyalty.

Are there any disadvantages to using a customer experience tool?

Problems can arise when using these solutions due to the GDPR. This is because there are definitely rules here on how online user data may be handled. If you do not observe these, you may face penalties. For example, explicit consent is required from website visitors for the tracking and storage of their data. Nosto has introduced extensive options regarding the handling of personal data.

Nosto vs. trbo - Which customer experience tool is better?

In our comparison, Nosto was particularly convincing due to the large number of customisation options. The tool also came out on top in terms of support and usability. So our recommendation is to go with Nosto for the personalisation of your Shopify shop.

Who should use a customer experience tool?

If you want to play out personalised content or product recommendations, you should invest in a personalisation software. Especially today, it is important to offer customers individual experiences so that they don't leave for the competition.

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