Shopify Bundles: So erstellen Sie Produktpakete in Ihrem Shop
Tuesday, 4 July 2023
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Shopify Bundles: How to create product bundles in your store

In retail, the tactic of product bundling has been successfully implemented for a long time - and product bundling offers some advantages for the digital world as well. When implemented correctly, it's a particularly effective strategy for increasing average order value (AOV) and sales in your store. More and more merchants are turning to using Shopify bundles to sell more products.

As a Shopify user, there are various options available to you to offer product bundles. In this article, we will introduce you to the different options and show you the benefits of product bundling.

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What are Shopify Bundles?

Shopify Bundles help you upsell and cross-sell products to your customers. Product bundling is about selling multiple individual items as a combined package. Typically, the price of these bundles is lower than the cost of each individual item, resulting in an attractive offer for customers.

Often Shopify bundles are used to increase sales, create attractive offers for customers, or sell off "slow sellers".

It's important to note that a "better deal" doesn't necessarily mean a discount in the process. If you offer your customers additional products that give them a certain added value, this is also an offer in itself and one of the most important components of a good upselling strategy.

The technique of product bundling turns out to be an extremely effective way of demonstrating a wider range of your assortment to your customers. This could be due to the items that have already found their way into the shopping cart, sparking their interest, or due to benefits such as discounts, offering an additional incentive.

a screenshot of Coeur de Lion Shopify Online Store PDPOur customer Coeur de Lion also uses product bundles and sets to encourage customers to buy. At the same time, they benefit from a discount.

Why should merchants rely on Shopify Product Bundles?

Even though your store may already be doing well, your products are being happily purchased and customers are overall satisfied, Shopify Bundles are an efficient way to further increase your sales.

Shopify Product Bundles are an important tool for Shopify merchants as they offer numerous opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. Acquiring new customers is an important aspect of growing your business - however, it is also very costly. In addition, the likelihood of selling to existing customers is much higher.

For existing customers, product bundles therefore offer particular added value - because if they can complete all their purchases in one place, they save time and money (e.g. on shipping costs). The shopping experience is also made more convenient, flexible and efficient.

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For merchants, Shopify Bundles create up-sell and cross-sell offers, strengthening customer loyalty. You additionally increase the likelihood that customers will buy from you again. More importantly, by selling to existing customers, you can increase your return on investment (ROI) - you spend less money on acquiring new customers, but still generate more revenue from larger sales.

This results in a win-win situation for you and your customers. Customers are offered personalized, complementary, or recommended products that align with their interests - all wrapped up in one affordable bundle. As a merchant, you sell more products to each customer, increase your average order value (AOV), and boost your store's overall revenue.

Shopify bundles are suitable for almost any industry. The possibilities are many - but it's important to choose the right products to bundle.

Possibilities of product bundling

Before you can start creating Shopify bundles for your store, you should define what goals you want to achieve with your bundles. We have briefly summarized the options for product bundling and product bundling examples for you:

Best-selling products

By creating a Product Bundle of your best-selling products, you can create a feeling among your clientele that they are missing out on something important. These bundles provide your clientele with a social proof that makes them buy faster.

Complementary bundles

Bundles with complementary products consist of items that are related to each other. These can be the same items in different variations, items that go well together, or items that are frequently purchased together.

Sell off store items

Shopify Bundles are also a great way to sell products that are rarely purchased. When you offer these items together with frequently purchased products and an additional discount, the incentive to buy increases.

Your customers' favorite products as a bundle

Use your customers' purchase data to create bundles based on their buying preferences. For example, you can create Shopify bundles related to the products your customer already has in their cart. Or, you can create bundles from items that your customer has already shown interest in.

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Test new products

You can also test new products using bundles. Integrate the new items into bundles - this way you can both see if and how buying behavior changes and introduce products without having to launch an extra campaign.

Two product bundling examples developed by Latori:

1. Shape Republic

a tablet with Shape Republic online store on the display as an example for Shopify bundles

Shape Republic offers two different types of bundles to its customers:

  1. Reduced package price and flexible product selection based on quantity.

  2. Reduced package price and flexible product selection based on the number of meals.

Customers here can select the products that suit them from a range of products and put them together as a bundle. Customers are free to choose the combination here, as technically any product can be part of a bundle.

2. Sheko (allmedica)

a tablet with Sheko online store on the display as an example for Shopify bundles

At SHEKO, customers can choose from three different types of bundles:

  1. Bundles with only variable products e.g. in the form of different varieties.

  2. Bundles with only fixed ingredients

  3. Bundles with both fixed and variable ingredients

This gives customers a lot of flexibility in putting together their bundles.

Create Shopify Bundle: Here's how to do it

If you want to create Shopify bundles for your store, you have three options:

  • In-house development

  • Using bundle apps

  • Using the new Shopify Bundle feature

When created in-house, Shopify Scripts is used. Before the introduction of Shopify Functions, this was the only way to edit the shopping cart. Here you can customize the pricing to offer a lower price when buying a bundle than when buying it individually.

In the Shopify App Store, you can find several apps that help you create Shopify Bundles. A popular solution here is the "Draft Order" app - however, when using these apps, you usually don't have the option to enter discount codes, and the selection options for individual bundles are also few. Therefore, we rather recommend you to use a custom development, as this will give you far more options.

A new feature from Shopify will also soon allow you to create product bundles with the new Shopify Bundles app. This will allow you to manage your Shopify Bundles directly in your admin area, so you can create and manage bundles without leaving the platform. Moreover, with this new feature, you will be able to program your own bundle app tailored to your needs.

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To use these native bundles from Shopify, you have two options:

  • Fixed Bundles using the GraphQL Admin API: These include standard bundles and multipack bundles that fit within Shopify's variant limits.

  • Customized Bundles with the cartTransform object: these are used for more complex use cases - especially when you want to offer more choices to the clientele or when the bundles are more complex (e.g. mix-and-match).

Thanks to these options, you can create bundles from your product pages without leaving the admin area.

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We have summarized the basic differences of both implementation options for you in the following table:

Fixed BundlesCustomized Bundles
ImplementationUsing the GraphQL Admin APIAbout the cartTransform object
PricingThe bundle price is distributed among the components in the checkout, shopping cart, and orders using a special algorithm.The price is derived from the individual products and a price adjustment is made. Again, this is then distributed to the components in the checkout, shopping cart and orders.
DiscountsThe discount is calculated on the bundle and then distributed among the individual components.The discount is calculated on the bundle and then distributed among the individual components.
TaxesTaxes are calculated on the individual components.Taxes are calculated on the individual components.
Product detailsThere is a fixed variant of the bundle. The saleable quantity is available through Shopify Liquid.Multiple component variants are possible. The sellable quantity is only available via the Storefront API.
CartThe product bundle is combined and displayed as a product group in the shopping cart and at checkout.The assembled components of the bundle are displayed together as a product group in the shopping cart and at checkout.
Protection against oversellingThe possible sales volume of the bundle is maintained by Shopify.The app manages the stock or unavailability for the group of products. The components are always checked in the shopping cart and at checkout.
Bundle groupingThe bundle will be bundled according to the ID of the package and added to the cart.The bundle is grouped by the ID of the package, which is assigned to the products by the function.
Fulfillment RestrictionsNoneNone
ReturnsFunctioning at component levelFunctioning at component level
ReportsComponent level sales reportsComponent level sales reports

Conclusion: Use Shopify Bundles to increase sales

a Macbook with a Shopify sales page on the screen

Product bundling with Shopify is one of the best ways to increase your revenue. With Shopify Bundles, you create a shopping experience that adds value to your customers - because for customers, buying these bundles results in the feeling of getting multiple products at a lower price. This strengthens customer loyalty and encourages repeat purchases.

Gaining loyal customers is an essential step to achieving greater sales in the long term. If you want to integrate Shopify Bundles into your store, we are here to help and support you with the implementation. Contact us.

Frequently asked questions about Shopify Bundles

Can I use apps to create Shopify bundles?

To create bundles in your store, you can use various apps from the Shopify App Store. However, in most cases, these apps do not provide the level of functionality you need for your store. Therefore, we recommend that you use custom developments.

Why should you use product bundles in your online store?

An important benefit of bundles is to increase your sales. Product bundles allow you to sell more products with a single order. In addition, customer loyalty is significantly strengthened.

What options does Shopify offer for integrating bundles?

You have three options with Shopify to integrate bundles into your store. Either you use special apps from the Shopify App Store or you rely on an in-house development for the implementation. The third option is the new Shopify Bundles App, which allows you to create product bundles quickly and easily.

What is the Shopify Bundles app?

The new Shopify Bundles App allows you to seamlessly integrate your bundles through the admin area. This feature is integrated directly into the Shopify admin area, so you can create and manage bundles right from one place. Plus, the Shopify Bundles App is included for free with your Shopify plan.

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