Shopify Audiences: Maximieren Sie Ihre Online-Verkäufe
Tuesday, 9 July 2024
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Shopify Audiences: Maximise your online sales

Data protection regulations such as cookie opt-ins and the GDPR have significantly changed the environment for digital advertisers. Faced with these new challenges, e-commerce businesses are looking for innovative strategies to continue engaging with their target audience. Shopify Audiences is a powerful tool that helps you tailor your marketing activities to the needs of your customers. The tool not only helps companies overcome the limitations of data protection measures, but also enables them to develop highly targeted advertising campaigns with a high conversion rate.

In this article, we will show you how the Shopify Audiences app works and how you can use it for targeted audience analysis to effectively target customers and increase your sales.

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Was ist Shopify Audiences?

Shopify Audiences app

Shopify Audiences is an app developed by Shopify specifically for Shopify Plus users. This app utilises the collective database of Shopify merchants to create Shopify Audiences with high purchase intent. The goal is to help merchants find new customers and make their advertising investments more efficient.

Using the app, you can create audience lists for ad platforms that are automatically exported to your digital ad account. These lists can be used to launch targeted advertising campaigns on platforms such as Meta, Google, Pinterest or TikTok.

In summary, the Shopify Audiences app is a powerful tool for Shopify Plus merchants to precisely target their Shopify Audience, reduce advertising costs and maximise the efficiency of their marketing campaigns.

Note: Shopify Audiences is currently only available to eligible Shopify Plus shops that use Shopify Payments and are located in the United States or Canada.

How does Shopify Audiences work?

Shopify Audiences functions

To create an audience list with Shopify Audiences, merchants simply select a product from their catalogue that they want to sell more of. Shopify then uses machine learning to create an audience of shoppers who would be likely to buy that product. Over time, Shopify's algorithm improves to continuously provide merchants with new, highly engaging Shopify audiences. This audience list can be exported directly and securely into the preferred advertising platform to launch targeted advertising campaigns.

Merchants can manage the app via the Shopify admin area and access reports to track performance. Implementing Shopify Audiences into your marketing strategy is simple: create an audience list, export it to the desired advertising platform and then launch ads based on that list.

Example: If you sell pet supplies like dog leashes, Shopify Audiences can collect data about your shoppers and create a custom audience of people interested in dog leashes and related products like dog toys or food. When shoppers from the customised audience respond to your ads and make a purchase, that sale is attributed to the corresponding campaign.

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The most important advantages at a glance

Shopify Audiences conversion rate

Increase conversion rates and sales: Shops that use Shopify Audiences see significant growth in their conversion rates. As the ads are aimed at Shopify target groups with a high purchase intent, it is more likely that direct purchases will be made. The increase in conversions also results in an increase in sales in the online shop.

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Shopify Audiences advertising costs

Increase customer loyalty and optimise advertising costs: By segmenting your campaigns based on your current buyer list, you increase the chances of retaining customers by getting them to buy the same or similar products again. You also improve the efficiency of the advertising costs for your ads. This leads to a better ROI (return on investment) from all your campaigns, allowing you to allocate your budget effectively.

Asopify Audiences admin

Easy to create and manage in the Shopify admin: Shopify Audiences is user-friendly and seamlessly integrated into the Shopify admin area, so you can manage everything in one place.

Costs for Shopify Audiences

Shopify Audiences is exclusively available to Shopify Plus users and integrated as part of the Shopify Plus plan, at no additional cost. This means that as a Shopify Plus merchant, you can enjoy all the benefits of the app without incurring any additional fees. The inclusion in the existing plan makes it particularly attractive for companies that want to optimise their marketing strategies while keeping their costs under control.

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Shopify Audiences and data protection

Shopify Audiences data protection

With the help of modern encryption technologies, Shopify Audiences ensures that the privacy of all customers remains secure at all times. The app allows you to export your customers' authorised email addresses to advertising platforms in encrypted form without compromising data protection. This means that any data you add to the tool is protected and no platform has access to buyers' personal information or statistics.

This builds trust with customers and allows companies to optimise their marketing strategies in a privacy-compliant way, which is crucial in today's digital landscape.

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Conclusion: Increase sales by reaching the target group

Shopify Audiences is an exclusive application for Shopify Plus users that provides an effective way to create audiences and reduce advertising investment costs. The benefits of Shopify Audiences are manifold: you can increase conversion rates, boost sales, improve customer loyalty and optimise the efficiency of your advertising costs. In addition, the app offers detailed results measurement at target group level, allowing you to gain precise insights into the performance of your campaigns.

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