Klevu für Shopify: Mehr als nur eine Suchfunktion
Wednesday, 10 April 2024
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Klevu for Shopify: More than just a search function

In e-commerce, everything revolves around a good user experience. For Shopify merchants, it is crucial to offer customers a seamless and user-friendly online experience that motivates them to buy.

A powerful search and navigation solution plays an important role in this, as it allows customers to quickly find the products they are looking for. This is where Klevu Site Search comes into play: the Shopify app is an intelligent search solution designed specifically for e-commerce websites, helping to strengthen customer loyalty and increase conversion rates.

In this article, we will show you why we recommend Klevu for your Shopify store and present the most important advantages over other providers.

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What is Klevu AI?

Klevu - AI Search & Discovery App

Klevu AI is an e-commerce search and product discovery platform that aims to improve the conversion rates and average order value (AOV) of online stores. The platform supports businesses with powerful AI-driven search capabilities and a recommendation engine that help increase sales through efficient on-site search while providing personalized product recommendations to shoppers.

Klevu Site Search uses an advanced algorithm that learns from shoppers over time, enabling increasingly precise and relevant search and product discovery. The platform offers an easy-to-use merchandising dashboard that allows merchandising teams to test and plan campaigns, as well as advanced filtering capabilities for product listing pages and dynamic search results as you type.

In addition, Klevu offers robust APIs, SDKs and custom storefront documentation that are compatible with Hydrogen to ensure smooth integration with existing e-commerce platforms. Overall, Klevu Search offers a comprehensive solution for e-commerce teams looking to optimize their conversion rate by providing their customers with a pleasant and clear shopping experience.

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What are the benefits of a good site search in e-commerce?

Klevu site search in e-commerce

In online retail, an effective site search is particularly important, regardless of whether it is for products or other content. A well-designed search function enables users to quickly find what they are looking for, whereby the search process should be lightning fast, the results relevant and the search mask easy to use. This can make a significant contribution to a successful user experience, which can bring significant improvements in the areas of customer satisfaction, conversion rate and sales.

Despite the obvious potential, studies show that many e-commerce sites have some catching up to do when it comes to the user-friendliness of search. According to a study by web research institute Baymard, test subjects relied heavily on the search function to find specific terms, yet only 34 percent of top-selling US and European e-commerce sites were able to facilitate these searches. More worryingly, 70 percent of sites were unable to provide relevant results for synonyms of product types, and 34 percent returned no results when users searched for model numbers or misspelled just one character.

Users who use the onsite search are generally interested in your offer and expect to find what they are looking for in your store. In addition to increasing conversions and improving the user experience, onsite search also provides valuable insights into user intentions. These insights can help optimize pages and even adjust keywords for search engine optimization (SEO).

To gain insight into the importance of site search for e-commerce, data from Klevu Shopify customers was analyzed. The results of Klevu 's research show that on average, 5.24% of shoppers perform a search, which is responsible for 17.20% of sales. At 5.58%, the conversion rate for shoppers who have performed a search is almost four times higher than for shoppers who have not performed a search. On mobile devices in particular, the conversion rate for shoppers who searched is almost five times higher.

This suggests that shoppers who search may have a higher purchase intent or know more precisely what they are looking for. It also shows that a gradual increase in sales is associated with increasing use of search.

What advantages does Klevu offer over other providers?

Klevu AI Search for Ecommerce

In the Shopify App Store you will find numerous apps that offer similar functions to Klevu Site Search. So why should you choose this app of all others? To make it clear to you once again why we use Klevu Search for our customers, we have briefly compared the app with three other well-known product recommendation tools from the App Store in this section.

When comparing Klevu to other Shopify apps such as Searchanise, DOOFINDER and Omega Instant Search, Klevu stands out with its advanced AI search and product discovery platform. While the aforementioned apps are designed to improve search in Shopify stores, the tool offers a comprehensive solution that can significantly increase conversion rates and average order value.

Searchanise and DOOFINDER undoubtedly offer useful features such as custom filters, personalized search bars and the processing of synonyms and long-tail queries. These features are important to provide relevant search results for customers and thus improve the user experience.

However, Klevu goes one step further. With its advanced AI search and merchandising features, the site search tool learns from shoppers over time and adapts to their preferences. This means that search results and product suggestions become increasingly relevant and personalized. This personalized approach helps to improve the shopping experience for customers and increase the conversion rate.

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Compared to Omega Instant Search, which enables a quick product search, the tool offers an advanced search function that not only supports searching as you type, but also displays dynamic products and content on the search overlay. These features increase the visibility of relevant products and help customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

In addition, Klevu has robust APIs, SDKs and custom storefront documentation that are compatible with Hydrogen. These tools allow for seamless integration and customization of Klevu to a Shopify store's unique requirements. With features such as smart recommendations, personalized AI search and advanced merchandising, it provides a holistic solution that helps deliver a shopping experience that delights customers.

It is also worth noting that Klevu is certified by the MACH Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping companies navigate the complex modern technology landscape. With its advanced AI search and merchandising features that are in line with MACH principles, the tool helps you to increase conversions and relies on modern technological principles.

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The pricing

Klevu plans

The Shopify app offers flexible options that allow you to find the right offer for your business. You first have the option of using the app as part of a 14-day free trial to get to know the features of the site search tool and test the benefits.

You can then choose from three subscription price packages:

  • Recommendations: this package starts at $399 per month and includes 500,000 impressions, with product recommendations available as an add-on to Site Search.

  • Category Merch: For $499 per month, this option offers 250,000 category page views and allows category merchandising to be added to Site Search.

  • Site Search: This $599 per month package allows you to benefit from 50,000 searches. You can also extend the package with product recommendations and/or category merchandising.

How do I optimize my conversion rates with Klevu?

If you use the Klevu app in your Shopify store, there are several ways to optimize your conversion rates. Here are some steps you can take to maximize the full potential of Klevu:

  1. Personalized search results: Use Klevu's powerful AI-driven search feature to deliver personalized search results based on your customers' behavior and preferences. By tailoring search results to your customers' individual needs and interests, you can increase the likelihood that they will find what they are looking for and therefore increase your conversion rates.

  2. Optimized product suggestions: With Klevu's recommendation features, you can present your customers with relevant product suggestions that support their purchasing decisions. By displaying products they may be interested in, you can increase the likelihood of customers adding more items to their basket and ultimately making a purchase.

  3. Improved search speed and user experience: Klevu for Shopify provides a fast and seamless search experience for your customers. By optimizing search speed and providing a user-friendly search interface, you can ensure that your customers have a positive shopping experience to remember.

  4. Natural Language Processing: Through the use of Klevu AI, which incorporates linguistic principles and continuous machine learning, the online shopping experience is constantly improving. Klevu provides comprehensive AI offerings that directly impact the user experience. With features such as semantic query processing, word feature recognition, price evaluation and more, the tool provides a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize search and product discovery to increase conversions.

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How to integrate Klevu into your Shopify store

You should follow these steps to integrate the app for your Shopify website:

  1. First, you'll need an account with Klevu to connect your store. Sign up for a trial (or subscription) and set up your account by following the on-screen instructions.

  2. Once the account is set up and activated, you can add your store by filling in the required details.

  3. An API key and a REST-AUTH key will then be generated.

  4. In a new tab, log in to your Shopify admin area.

  5. Search for the Klevu app in the Shopify App Store and click on "Install".

  6. Once you have reached the "Thank you" page, click on "Integrate Klevu".

  7. Now you need the API and REST-AUTH key that you generated in step 3. Paste the keys in the "Integrate Shopify key" field and confirm your account details. You can also find the API key and the REST-AUTH key of the store in the Klevu Merchant Center > Shop settings > Shop info.

  8. Activate the Klevu solutions you want to integrate by clicking on "Integrate" and following these instructions.

  9. The integration of Klevu into Shopify is now complete. After approx. 5-10 minutes you can test the search function in your store.

Klevu in use: These Latori customers successfully rely on the tool

Latori customer B.O.C uses Klevu

Our Latori customer B.O.C is already using the tool successfully in its Shopify store. The supplier of bicycles and e-bikes offers a wide range of products from bicycles and spare parts to bicycle clothing. During the migration to Shopify Plus in collaboration with Latori, the use of Klevu proved to be particularly beneficial.

The company faced the challenge of migrating with 15,000 products - no question that an optimal search function was crucial here. The implementation enables the company to offer its customers an improved search function that makes it easier to find products. With such a large selection of products, it can quickly become a problem for customers to find exactly what they are looking for. This is where Klevu provides optimal support with its intelligent AI functions and now provides customers with relevant search results, which increases conversions immensely.

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As you can see, migrating Klevu to your Shopify store brings a variety of benefits that will positively impact your conversions and user experience. With a powerful AI-driven search and product discovery platform, the tool allows you to offer personalized product recommendations with Shopify that support your customers' purchasing decisions. By optimizing search speed and usability, you'll help create a seamless shopping experience that delights your customers and increases the likelihood of a purchase.

As Shopify Plus experts, we at Latori are here to help you implement Klevu in your Shopify store and ensure that your business reaps the benefits of an efficient search function. Get in touch with us.

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