Shopify-Themes: Definition, Auswahlkriterien & unsere Favoriten
Friday, 14 July 2023
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Shopify themes: definition, selection criteria & our favorites

The appearance and user-friendliness of an online store are crucial success factors. After all, the more appealing the store looks and the easier it is to use, the higher the conversion rate tends to be.

When you search for Shopify themes for the first time, you may feel slain. After all, you'll find more than 100 templates in the Shopify Theme Store, all of which look impressive at first glance. As if this wasn't more than enough choice, there are also numerous third-party and online marketplaces for Shopify design templates.

To help you find the perfect theme for your brand, we'll introduce you to our six favorites in this article. But before that, we'll tell you exactly what themes are and what criteria you should use to select a suitable one.

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What is a Shopify theme?

Shopify Theme Store

Shopify Ecommerce Themes are design templates that determine the look and certain features of your online store. They are available in different styles and layouts. Besides, each Shopify theme offers a unique user experience.

Design plays a very important role in the online world. As explained at the beginning, it has a great impact on attracting, retaining and ultimately converting prospects into paying customers.

However, when choosing a design, you should not only make sure that it looks especially nice. It should also fit your industry. For example, if you work in the healthcare industry, you need a theme that looks professional and clean. However, in the fashion industry, you can go for a colorful and dynamic design. Still, of course, it is important to give your store a personal touch and not make it look exactly like the competition's. Moreover, its functions should also be adapted to your individual needs.

Note: The terms Shopify templates and Shopify themes are often used synonymously. However, there is a clear distinction here. Themes are complete website templates, whereas templates are just design templates for individual pages. A theme thus combines several Shopify templates, which together create a round overall picture.

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a woman chooses the shoes in the store

How to find your perfect Shopify theme

In the Shopify Theme Store, the different design templates are divided into categories. To find a suitable theme, you should consider the following criteria:

Store size

A large online store with thousands of items has different design requirements than a smaller one with only 20 products. For this reason, Shopify divides its themes into large and small product catalogs, among others.


From the appearance of the online store, it should be immediately recognizable which product you sell. For this reason, Shopify Ecommerce themes are also categorized by industries such as electronics, clothing, restaurants and pet supplies.


You can use the basic features of the e-commerce platform with any Shopify theme, but each design template has different presets and pre-built features. So, if you absolutely need certain features, you should base your theme selection on them. Possible features are: Fixed header, mega menu, color swatches and translations for EU languages.


You also have the option to choose between paid and free Shopify themes. In the store, you can currently find 11 free themes that were developed by the store system itself. The other 102 paid themes come from third-party providers, but are recognized by Shopify and regularly provided with updates.

Although the store system already offers quite a few design templates in its own store, you can still take a look at third-party providers and online marketplaces.

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the screenshot of the Selecta homepageOur B2B customer Selecta relies on Shopify's own theme Dawn for their online store.

The best Shopify themes: our 10 favorites

Choosing the right theme depends entirely on what you want to achieve with your online store. We have collected 6 beautiful and popular Shopify Ecommerce themes for you - divided into free and paid:

the screenshot of the Shopify theme store

Free Shopify themes

Free Shopify themes are probably the first choice for most users of the platform, after all they are free and come directly from the provider. With the release of Online Store 2.0, Shopify's new theme engine, some impressive new design templates have been added here as well. However, let's move on to our 5 favorites:

1. Dawn

the screenshot of the Dawn theme in the Shopify store

Shopify Dawn Theme is the first free "Shopify 2.0" theme that takes full advantage of the new theme engine. The result is faster loading times and a modern design optimized based on insights from Shopify data. Instead of the previously common auto-scrolling slideshow, there is now a static header image with call-to-action.

Moreover, Shopify Dawn theme is more flexible than previous templates. While you were previously limited to extensive personalization of the home page, you can now add custom sections to product pages, for example. The minimalist design makes Dawn a true all-rounder, equally suitable for stores with many products and those with just a few. Shopify refers to it as "visual storytelling" because the navigation focuses on product images. So if you have high-quality product photos and want to present your items in an appealing way, the Shopify Dawn theme is a great choice.


  • Predictive Search

  • Advanced product filtering

  • Fixed Navigation

  • Size chart

2. Sense

the screenshot of the Sense theme in the Shopify store

Sense is also a 2.0 theme that was released only in 2022. It is similar to Dawn, but is especially designed for online stores in the health and beauty sector. For example, the product pages are a bit more extensive than Dawn's, so you can present your beauty products in a proper way. Due to the good filter options and the simple product navigation, Sense is also suitable for online stores of any size.


  • Optimized for large images

  • Product image rollover

  • Videos on the home and product pages

  • Customer testimonials

3. Craft

the screenshot of the Craft theme in the Shopify store

Craft is also a Shopify-owned theme and comes from Generation 2.0, but unlike its two predecessors, this design template specializes in home decoration or garden products with any catalog size. With the Craft theme, you can design a store that will help you showcase your creativity and craftsmanship. Like the other Shopify 2.0 themes, Craft offers various sections and blocks, only the arrangement differs from other templates. So, if you are looking for an elegant and flexible theme for your store, you should definitely give Craft a try.


  • Galleries

  • Videos on the home page and product page

  • Blog posts on the home page

  • Testimonials from customers

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4. Studio

the screenshot of the studio theme in the Shopify storeStudio is a modern and versatile theme, also developed by Shopify. The stylish theme is designed for art and collections.


  • Product reviews

  • Mobile-first design

  • Integrated social media integration

  • Multilingual support

5. Origin

the screenshot of the origin theme in the Shopify storeThe Origin theme is also a Shopify-owned theme and Shopify Theme 2.0, it is a responsive theme that is especially suitable for selling unique items.


  • Social media integration

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Cross-selling

  • Mega menu

In addition to the free Shopify themes, you can also find a number of paid templates in the store, as mentioned earlier. We present our five favorites in this category below.

1. Impulse

the screenshot of the impulse theme in the Shopify storeCost: 350 USD

Impulse is one of the most popular Shopify themes. It offers a lot of room for personalization and has already pre-integrated popular features like a FAQ section or a blog. Impulse especially scores with its marketing options: For example, you can use it to create extensive discount promotions to promote your products and your online store. The built-in filter functions are also excellent and help your buyers browse even large product catalogs. Impulse is a paid 2.0 theme that is available on the Shopify store, but it was developed by a third-party developer. Accordingly, you need to contact the developer for support.


  • Alternative templates for different subpages

  • Parallax slideshow

  • Inventory counter

  • Store finder

  • Store collections

  • Animation

  • Color sample

  • Size chart

  • FAQ

  • Currency selection

  • Newsletter Pop-up

2. Empire

the screenshot of the empire theme in the Shopify storeCosts: 340 USD

Another very popular paid Shopify theme is Empire. It is designed for large product catalogs and the design was inspired by the market itself. With the exceptional functionality, organization and performance it contains, you can increase your customers' confidence. Example features for this are mega menus, tag filters and category search. Furthermore, Empire can shine with the following features, among others.


  • Shopping cart notes

  • Pick up in store

  • Pre-order

  • In-menu promos

  • Inventory counter

  • Store finder

  • Slideshow

  • Trust Badges

  • Animations

  • Color fields

  • Lookbooks

3. Prestige

the screenshot of the prestige theme in the Shopify storeCosts: 320 USD

With Prestige-Theme you have 3 theme style options to choose from to make your store stand out. It is the perfect choice for you if you want to create a store in the categories of clothing and accessories, health and beauty, and business equipment and supplies. Also, you can add and organize any number of products.


  • Hotspot products

  • Advertising banner

  • Slideshow

  • Pick up in store

  • Inventory counter

  • Store finder

  • Animation

  • Color sample

  • Size chart

  • FAQ

  • Currency selection

  • Newsletter Pop-up

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4. Stiletto

Cost: 360 USD

the screenshot of the stiletto theme in the Shopify storeStiletto is a luxurious Shopify theme designed primarily for growth. With the Stiletto theme, a clean and functional design meets highly customizable features for a compelling product discovery experience.


  • Translations for EU languages (DE, EN, FR, IT, ES).

  • Events calendar

  • Age verification

  • Countdown timer

  • Color fields

5. Symmetry

Cost: 340 USD

the screenshot of the symmetrie theme in the Shopify storeSymmetry is a fashionable and professional Shopify 2.0 theme with many premium features. Symmetry is perfect for large-scale inventory and offers all the features you need to create a professional online store.


  • EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)

  • Color samples

  • Quick view

  • Stock counter

  • Promotions in menu

  • Blog functionality

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Size Guide

Custom Themes Development

In addition to using pre-built themes, Shopify merchants also have the option of creating one themselves or having one created. There are hardly any limits here, as work is done directly in the code and thus additional functions can be easily programmed to it. Examples of such features are:

  • Special filtering for product or category pages

  • Customized search function

  • Frontend with integrated user guidance

If you also want such an individual theme for your store, or want to have new functions added to an existing one, then we will be happy to implement this for you. Simply contact us for this purpose.

As we have seen with Shopify Theme Development, we will tell you exactly how to do this in this article.

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Since your Shopify theme will ideally accompany you for several years, you should consider well in advance which requirements it has to fulfill and whether it ideally underlines your brand. So take your time for this and compare several design templates, look at the layouts and Shopify templates of the live demo and only then make a decision. This way, you have a good chance of finding an e-commerce theme right from the start that you are satisfied with and that adequately supports your project.

We wish you a lot of fun while browsing and testing and are always happy to be there for you - both for a consultation and for the implementation. Contact us

Frequently asked questions about Shopify themes

What is a Shopify theme?

Shopify themes are design templates that are used to create an online store on Shopify or Shopify Plus. Themes not only determine the visual appearance of a store, but also specify which functions are integrated.

What are the best Shopify themes?

There is no blanket answer to the question which Shopify theme is the best. You should choose a design template that fits your personal needs. In the article, we present our six favorites in more detail and also go into the various features. Maybe there is already the right one for you here.

How to install a Shopify theme?

Shopify theme templates can be selected/purchased directly from Shopify Theme Store and added to your Shopify admin area with just a few clicks.

Where to buy Shopify themes?

In the Theme Store, you can purchase a Shopify custom theme. You can also get their themes from third-party vendors or appropriate online marketplaces. However, you can also find very good free design templates in the Shopify Store.

Are Shopify themes free of charge?

There are free and paid Shopify themes. The free versions are developed by Shopify itself, whereas the paid ones are from third-party developers.

What is the most popular Shopify theme?

There are several popular Shopify themes, but among the most popular here are Impulse or Empire, for example.

Should I buy a Shopify theme?

Whether it makes sense to buy a theme depends on what features are desired and what requirements the Shopify theme should meet. The main difference between a free and a paid Shopify theme often lies in the features and design customization options. Paid themes usually offer more features, functions and customization options that allow you to create a unique store.

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