So erstellen Sie Ihr Shop Impressum in Shopify
Friday, 3 March 2023
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How to create your store imprint in Shopify

As a start-up and self-employed person with your own website, you must provide certain information by law. These serve to inform the visitor of your website and are called imprint or provider identification. A missing imprint or incorrect information can quickly lead to fines or warnings. These guidelines or mandatory information also apply on Facebook and social networks. The imprint must be directly accessible to the consumer and reachable via a maximum of 2 clicks.

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So let's create the store imprint in your Shopify store

First login to your Shopify admin area

Now create the page as follows:

  1. Click on "Online Store" and...

  2. the menu that pops up underneath, click on "Pages".

  3. Here you see an overview of the already existing pages. Now click on "Add Page" in the upper right corner or, if you are already using the new Shopify backend in German, on "Add Page".

You will now switch to the "Page" view.

Title -> the title of the page

  1. Content -> the content of the page. You can enter this as HTML or as normal text. You can format this text in the editor. Make sure that you do not use a "Header 1" heading, because in most Shopify themes the title is already set as H1 heading and this should only occur once per page.

  2. Publications -> yes/no. You can use the "hidden" selection to create a page that is not yet visible. This way you can finish it at your leisure and publish it later.

  3. Click "Save" to save your page.

The imprint must be immediately accessible, constantly available and always up to date. The consumer must always be able to reach your imprint from any page with one click. In addition, it must be clearly legible and written in German when selling to German-speaking countries.

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Let's connect the imprint in the menu

This is how you get to the menu:

  1. Click on Online Store..

  2. ..and in the submenu on Navigation

  3. Click on the menu you want. In this example we want to have the link in the footer, so that the customer can always get to the imprint without much searching.

Click "Add menu item" to add a menu item.

In the popup that appears, select the page you just created. Shopify will assign the name of the link for you. If you want to use a different term, you can of course do so. Confirm your change by clicking on "Add".

You will now see your added menu item and only need to save it by clicking on "Save".

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The necessary mandatory information in the imprint

Website Owner:First and last name
Address:Address of the branch & registered office of the company. Complete address data is required.
Representation of the company:Indication of the partners authorized to represent (GbR, OHG, sole proprietor), managing directors (GmbH) or board members (AG)
Contact:Phone, fax, e-mail
Supervisory authority:Specify a competent authority in the imprint as the point of contact for violations.
Registry entry:Specification of the commercial, association, partnership or cooperative register with corresponding register number
Freelancer with professional chamber:Indication of the legal title of the profession, the name of the professional rules and how to access them
Sales tax ID:Business/sales tax identification number

Example for the imprint

Anhand unseres Impressums können Sie nachvollziehen, wie dieses letztendlich aussehen sollte. Trotzdem sollte ein Impressum immer auf rechtsgültigkeit geprüft werden.

Latori Imprint

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Frequently asked questions about Shopify imprint

What is the imprint of a website?

The imprint is a kind of business card. The Telemedia Act stipulates that almost all website operators must provide information about their identity. This information can be found in the imprint.

Is an imprint mandatory?

Yes, an imprint is mandatory. The imprint must always be accessible, always up-to-date and accessible within a maximum of 2 clicks.

What must be included in the imprint of a website?

There are some mandatory details in the imprint, including the website operator, the address, the representation of the company, the contact, the supervisory authority, the register entry, freelancers of the professional chamber and the VAT ID.

Is it a punishable offence not to have an imprint?

Yes! According to §11 of the Telemedia Act, violations of the provider identification can be punished with fines of up to 50,000€.

Where do I have to place the imprint on the website?

The imprint can be placed in the footer or also in the header. It is important that it is accessible within a maximum of clicks, always up-to-date and always available.

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