Shop Usability Award 2021: Diese Latori-Kunden kämpfen um den Sieg
Donnerstag, 12. August 2021
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Store Usability Award 2021: These Latori customers are competing for the win

"If you don't move with the times, you move with the times" - in hardly any other field is this quote as true as in e-commerce. Simply placing one's own products on a website so that they can be found to some extent is no longer enough: User-friendliness, known as usability in the jargon, has become a significant success factor. At the Shop Usability Award 2021, retailers from a wide range of sectors can demonstrate their usability skills. Find out what the award is all about and which Latori customers you can vote for this year in this blog post.

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What is the Shop Usability Award 2021?

The Shop Usability Award has been presented annually since 2008 and is an initiative of Shoplupe GmbH. The award is one of the most prestigious e-commerce awards in Germany. Every year, over 700 participants compete for the usability crown. The best five stores in each category are nominated. A jury of e-commerce experts then chooses the winner in a subsequent final round.

What are the categories?

The following categories are available for the Shop Usability Award:


  • Food & Drink

  • Leisure, Hobby & Pet

  • Electronics & Software

  • Generalist

  • Household, DIY & Garden

  • Furniture & Living

  • Fashion

  • Special Interest

  • Toys, Kids & Baby

  • Sports & Outdoor

  • Accessories, Gifts & Lifestyle

  • Wellness, Beauty & Health

In addition, stores from Switzerland and Austria can register for the categories Best Shop Switzerland and Best Shop Austria.

In addition, there are three special categories - Direct 2 Consumer Brand Shops, Small Business and Best Brand Shop - for which participants can register separately. For the two Masterclass categories MasterClass Design and MasterClass Storytelling, on the other hand, registration is not possible. Stores in these categories are nominated by the jury itself if they have a particularly positive image in the community.

How long does the vote last?

Voting runs until 30.09.2021, and registration for participation is also possible for the same length of time, for which a one-time fee of 149 euros applies. We will gladly take care of the submission of your online store for the award and, thanks to Shopify, can enable registration without fees. The winners will then be determined on October 22 in Munich.

What criteria are used for evaluation?

Participants are evaluated on four criteria on a scale of 0.0 to 10.0. These are:

  • Gestaltung

  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit

  • Kreativität

  • Geschichtenerzählen

All candidates are presented on the community platform, where they are scrutinized by both users and a team of experts. For store operators, the Shop Usability Award is therefore an important benchmark for finding out which aspects of their own sales platform are already convincing and where improvements can still be made.

These Latori customers are participating in the Shop Usability Award

As a Shopify agency, Latori is something of an SUA veteran. We were one of the first agencies to register Shopify customers for the award. This is also due to our good relationship with Shoplupe founder and SUA creator Johannes Altmann, who has been one of our partners for many years.

Consequently, many Latori customers are once again taking part in this year's Shop Usability Award. We will introduce you to them in the following. Each of them is looking forward to your voting!


All that glitters is not gold - it could also be chic sneakers from Asphaltgold that catch everyone's eye. In addition to shoes from well-known brands like Nike, Converse and New Balance, the online retailer sells sports and streetwear and also has its own brand. Vegan and environmentally friendly shoes also have their own section. Since the store is aimed at a rather young target group, it is linked to a mobile releases app in which all new releases are announced. Asphaltgold is competing in the fashion category at SUA21.

Vote for Asphalt Gold

DOXA Watches

DOXA Watches sells high-quality watches that many divers have been swearing by for decades. With impressive, maritime moving images on the homepage, lots of storytelling and clearly arranged collections, the web store guides its users from A to B in a comprehensible way. The additional watch finder, a special filtering to discover the watch of one's wishes, is an additional plus point in terms of usability. DOXA fights for the award in the categories Accessories, Gifts & Lifestyle and Best Brand Shop.

Vote for DOXA Watches

Shape Republic

Shape Republic? If you followed last year's Shop Usability Award, you might be familiar with this retailer of fitness shakes and other nutritional boosters. Because we can proudly point out that last year the store emerged as the winner of the Food & Drink category! This year, of course, the title is to be defended.

The user guidance on the homepage is already strongly oriented to the needs of the customers. For example, there are suitable products for certain goals, such as losing weight or enjoying protein-rich foods. Visitors are guided through the store based on their wishes.

Vote for Shape Rebuplic

Reading tip: Read how we work with Shape Republic in this case study.


Outdoorchef wants to win in the category Best Shop Switzerland and starts with a wide range of gas, charcoal and electric grills. To ensure that the next barbecue is a guaranteed success, gourmets will find great recipe ideas and useful tips for an optimal grilling experience in the blog.

Vote for Ourdoorchef

Room in a Box

Room in a Box's furniture is minimalist and sustainable - because it is made entirely of cardboard. The store communicates the idea of its products primarily through successful product images, which are very well received by the community. Room in a Box competes in the Furniture & Living category.

Vote for Room in a Box

Kess Berlin

Kess Berlin is represented in the Wellness, Beauty & Health category. The brand relies primarily on high-quality ingredients and intuitive application for its products. The latter is also reflected in the navigation through the store.

Vote for Kess Berlin

Read here how we relaunched the Eventim subsidiary Kess to give it a new glow.

Wera Werkzeuge

The design of the Wera online store looks as if it has been taken from the website of a heavy metal band - black dominates the look of the company that has made it its mission to break new ground when it comes to screwdriving tools. However, this detail should not distract from the fact that the tool store comes up with some clever filter functions that should convince in the category household, DIY & garden.

Vote for Wera tools


Does ooia look familiar to you? That could be because the brand was already involved in the Shop Usability Award in 2020 - at that time, however, still under the name ooshi. The company for the first period underwear in Germany convinces with a clear, responsive store, many stories and customer testimonials as well as different target group addresses, e.g. for mothers and teenagers. Ooia is also competing in the fashion category this year with this exciting concept.

Vote for Ooia


Timeless, modern and high-quality - these are the attributes that COEUR DE LION combines in its jewelry made in Germany. With its own online store, the company not only wants to present its products, but also create a source of inspiration. In the "Get the Style" section, a wide variety of product combinations can be viewed and purchased directly. At SUA21, COEUR DE LION is competing for the favor of the community and experts in the Accessories, Gifts & Lifestyle category.


Reading tip: Coeur de Lion became a gem thanks to Shopify. Here's how the collaboration with Latori went.


Well spun is half won - if that's what it takes, Lieblingsgarn has the very best chance of winning at SUA21 in the category Leisure, Hobby & Pet! A large selection of yarn, wool and accessories is presented in line with the theme with colorful and creative pictures and videos. In addition, the retailer has a variety of DIY instructions ready for assistance and inspiration.

Vote for favorite yarn

Michael Michaud

Exclusive jewelry inspired by nature defines the portfolio of Michael Michaud, which is why the store is also predestined for the Shop Usability Award in the category Accessories, Gifts & Lifestyle. Above all, the noble design knows how to convince B2C and B2B customers nationally and internationally.

Vote for Michael Michaud

Fahnen Kössinger

If anyone can claim a large product selection, it's the online store of Fahnen Kössinger. The store, which competes in the B2B category, offers its users two product worlds - club flags and club supplies as well as poles, flags and advertising technology. With responsive design and individualization options thanks to configurators, the store competes against the competition.

Vote for Fahnen Kössinger

Increase user experience with Latori

Latori always places great emphasis on user-friendliness when implementing customer projects - the stores above are good proof of this. Our customers certainly cut a good figure in the Usability Award 2021 and are highly regarded by the community and experts alike. If you too would like your Shopify store to occupy the top places in the usability rankings in the future, please feel free to contact us!
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