Shop Usability Award 2023: Diese Latori-Kunden kämpfen um den Sieg
Tuesday, 19 September 2023
Latori GmbH

Store Usability Award 2023: These Latori customers are competing for the win

"If you don't move with the times, you move with the times". In hardly any other field is this quote as true as in e-commerce. Simply placing one's own products on a website so that they can be found to some extent is no longer enough: User-friendliness, known in the trade as store usability, has become a significant success factor. At the Shop Usability Award 2023, retailers from a wide range of sectors can demonstrate their usability skills. Find out what the award is all about and which Latori customers you can vote for this year in this blog post.

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What is the Shop Usability Award?

The Shop Usability Award has been presented annually since 2008 and is an initiative of K5 GmbH. The award is one of the most prestigious e-commerce awards in Germany. Every year, over 700 participants compete for the usability crown. The best five stores in each category are nominated. A jury of e-commerce experts then selects the winner in a final round. Stores and agencies can register via K5 Shop Insights.

What are the Shop Usability Award categories?

The following categories are available for the Shop Usability Award:

  • Electronics & Entertainment

  • Family & Kids

  • Fashion & Accessories

  • FMCG

  • Food & Delivery

  • Home & Living

  • Luxury & Lifestyle

  • Special Interest

  • Sports & Leisure

Stores can also choose from these special categories:

  • Startup

  • B2B

  • Brands & D2C

  • Omnichannel

  • Mobile Experience

  • Sustainability

Agencies can also qualify to receive an award in the special category Agency of the Year. However, agencies cannot apply for this - they qualify by submitting at least 5 stores. The winner is then determined by the ratings.

How long does the voting last?

Voting will continue until October 14, 2023, and registration is open for the same period, with a one-time fee of 149 euros. The winners will then be crowned at the Gloria Palast in Munich on November 9, 2023.

What criteria are used for judging?

Participants will be judged according to four store usability criteria on a scale of 0.0 to 10.0. These are:

  • Design

  • Usability

  • Creativity

  • Storytelling

All candidates are presented on the community platform www./, where they are scrutinized by both users and a team of experts. For store operators, the Shop Usability Award is therefore an important benchmark for finding out which points of their own sales platform are already convincing and where improvements can still be made.

These online stores and Latori customers are taking part in the Shop Usability Award 2023


ooia sounds somehow familiar to you? That could be because the brand has already participated in the Shop Usability Award in previous years. This year, they are once again competing for the title of best online store in the categories Fashion & Accessoires & Sustainability. The company for the first period underwear in Germany convinces with a clear, responsive store, many stories as well as customer testimonials. The brand's goal is to help women make more conscious and sustainable choices for their health and the environment. In addition, the online store offers space for education. Comprehensive knowledge about feminine hygiene and menstruation is made available here, giving users the opportunity to find out more. Another central component of the store is customer reviews. These are presented clearly and recognizably on the ooia homepage. The extensive filter function helps customers find the perfect period underwear for their needs. Important factors such as the absorbency, the preferred material and the desired wearing comfort are taken into account.

Vote for ooia


asphaltgoldThe Asphaltgold online store regularly makes the hearts of sneaker fans beat faster. Founded in Darmstadt in 2008, the brand has since become one of the first places to go for all sneaker enthusiasts. In its online store, the brand relies on detailed product information, storytelling, high-quality images and smooth order processing. Another important component of the store is the mobile-first strategy. Customers can access the store anytime and anywhere - either via the browser or via the brand's own shopping app. In the app, users also have the opportunity to participate in raffles to win the right to buy limited-edition sneakers. This year, Asphaltgold is competing in the Fashion & Accessories categories.

Vote for Asphaltgold


The Sennheiser online store is a place where audio enthusiasts and professionals can find high-quality products and receive first-class service. The special feature: The company relied on headless commerce from the very beginning. The store's responsive design is designed to ensure an optimal shopping experience on a variety of devices. Regardless of whether you visit the store on a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone, the store automatically adapts to the screen size in videos, images and descriptions. The online store also impresses with intuitive menu navigation, bold accent colors and expressive product photos. Sennheiser measures itself against the competition in the Electronics & Entertainment category.

Vote for Sennheiser


In Neuland's online store, customers will find a high-quality range of products for the education and seminar sector. It includes products such as flipcharts, markers, pinboards and literature. The company is entering the competition this year in the categories Special Interest & B2B. This is also one of the special features of the store - B2B and B2C customers are served in the same store. When users log in, they see the same content, but different pricing tied to individual customer discounts, among other things.

Integrated PDFs, Ambassadors and the Markerpedia complement the store and provide optimal assistance for all users - whether expert or beginner.

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CdC Reitsport

Charme du Cheval, CdC for short, is a family-run startup founded in 2022. They opened their first own online store with Shopify in the same year. In the company's store, visitors will find an extensive range of sustainable equestrian products. They clearly communicate how important environmental protection and value-oriented entrepreneurship are to the family. The CDC online store is also optimized for mobile use. Here, the brand relies on large category tiles or slideable product images on the product pages for an optimal overview, among other things. This year, CdC is competing for the title of best online store in the Special Interest and Startup categories.

Vote for Charme du Cheval


SHEKO is also a startup that specializes in the area of feel-good food. The range includes products such as SHEKO shakes, supplements and corresponding accessories. A special feature that sets the SHEKO store apart from the competition is the integrated calorie calculator. After entering their data, users receive their calculated requirements for proteins, carbohydrates and more. The company also attaches great importance to education and the transfer of knowledge. Therefore, store visitors can find important information on the topic of healthy weight loss in the SHEKO Guide. In order to then be able to implement this, the brand also offers its users an extensive recipe book with many recipes to re-cook. SHEKO is competing in the FMCG and Startup categories.

Vote for Sheko

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Frequently asked questions about the Shop Usability Award

What is the Shop Usability Award?

The Shop Usability Award is an annual award presented by K5 GmbH. It honors online stores in Germany for their outstanding usability and user experience.

Who can participate in the Shop Usability Award?

All online stores can participate, regardless of their size or industry. There are different categories to ensure that different types of online stores have the opportunity to be awarded.

How does the evaluation for the Shop Usability Award work?

The evaluation is done by a panel of experts as well as a user jury consisting of online shoppers. The criteria for evaluation include usability, design, information content, security and mobile capability.

What are the benefits of participating in the Shop Usability Award?

The award can boost customer confidence and increase the credibility of the online store. It can also help increase the visibility and success of the store.

Is there a fee for participation?

Yes, there is a fee to participate in the Shop Usability Award. The exact fees vary depending on the category and the time of registration. For registration in only one category, a fee of 149 euros plus VAT is due.

When and how can I register for the Shop Usability Award?

Registration for the Shop Usability Award takes place online on the official website. The exact registration deadlines and categories are available there. This year, the registration deadline is October 14.

How can I improve the usability of my store?

To improve the usability of your online store, you should conduct user tests, take your customers' feedback into account, drive mobile optimization, and continuously monitor and optimize usability.

Shop Usability AwardShop Usability Award
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