Salesforce für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen
Friday, 9 February 2018
Latori GmbH

Salesforce for small and medium businesses

Salesforce is perfect for small and medium-sized companies that want to digitize their business processes. With Salesforce, a CRM software, that is, the software that significantly facilitates and supports the relationship management with your customers, you don't just acquire a database, but a platform for business process automation. This system will completely change the way you work. Read on to find out how this will work out in detail and what benefits you will achieve for your company by using Salesforce.

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Salesforce is THE solution, especially for small and medium-sized companies

Various surveys regarding the use of customer relationship management, or CRM for short, have shown that a very large proportion of small and medium-sized companies in particular do not use such a tool and do not use any other solution for their customer relationship management. Yet it is precisely the small and medium-sized companies that would like to achieve an increase in the production of their sales and improve the satisfaction of their customers. Of course, the most important result in this context is to generate more sales. These are exactly the results you will achieve for your company with Salesforce.

The introduction of this software, as an optimal CRM concept, certainly requires a large budget - or does it?

For every small business and also for many medium-sized companies, every euro is an expense that needs to be checked carefully. Because you always need additional free financial capacities in order to be able to compete, to pay for the electricity or to be prepared for various other eventualities. For this reason, implementing a CRM software is certainly not high on your list of priorities. However, small to medium-sized companies in particular can benefit from such software, as it bundles all information about your company and all information about your customers and brings them together centrally.

The productivity of your employees' work is also significantly increased by the CRM concept of Salesforce. In addition, you have the opportunity to network your marketing activities, sales, inventory management, customer service, as well as the internal reporting of your company. By choosing Salesforce Sales Cloud, as the world's leading CRM system, you make the right choice for low hardware and personnel costs, with little fear of investment and infrastructure risks when you scale up later.

Do only large companies use a CRM concept?

Perhaps, like many small business owners, you think that Salesforce is just a software for big businesses, since such a system is used to manage customer relationships. The prerequisite, you think, is accordingly a lot of customers. However, this is not quite true, because especially small businesses and medium-sized companies should be focused on expansion and the development and expansion of economic efficiency.

Salesforce particularly supports you in all of these goals, accelerates sales processes and creates the conditions for cross-team collaboration. After all, if your business wants to hold its own against the competition, you need to have an overview, for example, of how many leads, i.e. how many potential new customers, your company has and at what stage of the buying decision they are in. Only in this way can you also measure corresponding actions and generate forecasts for the results of a quarter. This is exactly where Salesforce comes into play, because with the help of this CRM software, your company's sales data becomes transparent and comprehensible.

Customizable dashboards and reports in Salesforce

Thanks to these options, you have the opportunity to grasp the respective status of a customer at a glance as well as get an overview of pending business deals. With just one click, you'll get an entire overview of your company's activities. For your small business or mid-sized company, this means that you can not only keep track of your key contacts, but also come up with comprehensive information during meetings, as you can always go back to all correspondence and current sales status, and track all interactions during a campaign.

With such a comprehensive view of your customers and their activities, your sales team can develop appropriate approaches to build and deepen relationships with them. In this way, you demonstrate to your customers that your company is deeply engaged with the individual needs of your clients.

Whether for small businesses or midsize companies: Salesforce makes your company's lead management a breeze

It is the sad truth that sales employees usually spend only one third of their working time on actual sales. During the rest of the time window, they often have to deal with administrative tasks. This is where Salesforce comes in, because this software helps to speed up the sales process and simplifies business transactions.

For example, generated leads are forwarded and supplemented with account activities, contact information and important company information. Since the workflow engine, the software application that manages business processes, works hand in hand with marketing automation tools, leads can be scored automatically. It is possible to transfer customers who have not yet decided to make a purchase into a lead-nurturing campaign. Such a process encompasses all of a company's measures that are suitable for providing a potential customer with relevant information at the right time and precisely in the respective purchase decision phase in which he or she is. So-called "mature leads", i.e. customers who have already made a purchase decision or are willing to buy, are forwarded to the relevant sales employee.

Connecting your team with Salesforce is critical to your business success

Despite all the technological advances, sales success still depends primarily on good, smooth communication. When you use Salesforce as a cloud-based application, you sustainably promote the productivity of your sales staff, regardless of whether they are in the field or at their desks. The Salesforce 1 mobile app, for example, enables your sales reps to respond quickly while on the road, because they have access to all customer files at all times.

Salesforce for more efficiency

Small and medium-sized companies often have limited resources and few staff. It is here that Salesforce ensures that even a small team can handle the work that would otherwise require several employees. Given the high efficiency of this CRM concept, it is possible for your company to keep up with or even overtake larger companies, as it is able to act extremely flexibly.

Our agency, Latori GmbH, supports you in adapting the CRM software from Salesforce exactly to your needs

As you have already read, the CRM concept Salesforce helps you achieve great business success. Both small businesses and midsize companies can achieve greater productivity, the system can provide support for new customer acquisition and make all the data they need available centrally. If you also include flexible integration options and implement features for simplified collaboration, you'll have the ability to work with Salesforce the way your company's circumstances require. We'll customize your Salesforce processes for you.

Here are all the benefits of Salesforce at a glance:

  • Salesforce adapts perfectly to your requirements and your budget.

  • The cloud-based CRM concept saves you money. There are no high IT and hardware costs.

  • Salesforce grows with your company, because you can add tools and new functions according to your needs.

  • Your company achieves higher sales productivity through accelerated sales processes

  • Simplify lead management with clear lead qualification workflows

  • Easily connect your employees using apps

  • Salesforce is always focused on the success of your business for small businesses as well as mid-sized companies

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