Wie ooia mit Tabuthemen aufräumt und den deutschen Markt für Periodenwäsche erobert
Wednesday, 10 January 2024
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How ooia is breaking taboos and conquering the German period underwear market

ooia is a well-known D2C brand that offers a wide range of eco-friendly female bodywear - including period underwear, nursing bras and shapewear. Their goal is to support women in making more conscious and sustainable choices for their health and the environment.

We supported ooia with various optimizations of their Shopify Plus store, including the redesign, customization of the shopping cart and filter options.

The fact that the optimizations are worthwhile can be seen above all in the increase in the conversion rate. Magdalena Wolf, e-commerce manager at ooia, revealed how satisfied ooia is with the work of our team:

"We were immediately impressed by Latori's structure and professionalism."

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The ooia brand - values, education and commitment

ooia pursues a social mission based on feminism and equality. Their goal is a world in which all people, regardless of gender, have equal rights and responsibilities. With products such as ooia period underwear, they want to encourage women individually and promote change. Transparency and trust play a crucial role in their company, which is shaped by the founders Kati & Kristine. ooia is committed to diversity within the team and supports the Center for Intersectional Justice.

As the quality leader in the German period underwear market, they have had the bacteria-inhibiting effect of their products tested and receive a large number of positive reviews from customers on Trustpilot. Cooperation with sewing factories that meet ecological standards and OEKO-TEX® certification are important quality features. With its reusable period underwear, ooia contributes to reducing waste and minimizes its carbon footprint by sourcing materials from Europe.

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Reaching the goal with the right partner - why ooia brought Latori on board

ooia had initially engaged another Shopify partner agency. However, in order to be able to scale even better in the future, the company looked around for a new partner. Kristine Zeller, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at ooia describes this as follows:

"Due to our growth, however, we were looking for a new agency. We came to Latori on the recommendation of the Shopify Plus team. Your structure and professionalism impressed us straight away."

We have been working successfully with ooia for two years now. During this time, we have implemented extensive optimizations for the brand to strengthen its presence in the digital space and effectively pursue its goals.

How the collaboration worked

Regular weekly meetings were held to provide an overview of the week's activities, clarify individual responsibilities and discuss ongoing issues. A detailed meeting was held on Wednesdays to clarify general questions. Any problems were discussed, support was offered and new features were discussed. If there were challenges in the implementation of promotions, we explained the best way to proceed and we made decisions together regarding the execution, timing and implementation.

ooia approached Latori with these requirements

Even before ooia approached our agency, the D2C company was already selling very successfully via its Shopify store. In order to ensure future growth and further scaling, improve the user experience and strengthen customer loyalty, there were a number of tasks on the to-do list for our team:

  • The store had to be further adapted to mobile devices, as the majority of ooia customers access the store via mobile platforms.

  • The existing store design had to be streamlined to optimize the user experience.

  • The shopping cart needed to be adapted for an improved UX.

  • The filter functions had to become more complex in order to adequately map the extensive product catalog.

  • Existing marketing campaigns needed to be optimally presented in the store.

The implementation: how we supported ooia

An essential focus of our measures for ooia was the implementation of mobile optimization. In view of the fact that around 70% of ooia customers use the store via mobile devices, the implementation of a responsive design was of the utmost importance.

The need for a fresh look led to the desire for a comprehensive redesign. The focus was on an improved overview, optimized filter options and a modern, clear appearance. The aim was to create a store in which customers could easily find their way around. In addition, the shopping cart and the presentation of campaigns were to be improved and adapted to current requirements. These measures help to ensure that ooia offers a first-class user experience not only on mobile devices, but also on all end devices.

Max Greive, the front-end developer of this project in the Latori team, has made a significant contribution to the store development since the change of agency and has explained:

"Customers don't immediately know which product they need when browsing the store. There are over 100, all of which basically fulfill the same purpose. But here's the crux of the matter: each product is geared towards different preferences and needs. That's why the challenge is to help people find the product that fits exactly. So it's important to strike a balance between choice and clarity: all options should be visible and at the same time customers should be able to find exactly what they are looking for. That's the trick - in my opinion."

The integration of filters had a huge impact, especially for improved mobile use, as the vast majority of visitors use mobile devices for around 70-80% of their visits.

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The new ooia store: changes and future plans

The optimized ooia store brings a breath of fresh air to the period underwear market. The optimizations in the Shopify Plus Shop include redesigns, adjustments in the shopping cart and improvements to the filter options. ooia continues to advocate for more conscious and sustainable choices to support women in their health and the environment.

ooia plans to continue to expand and optimize the online store. Future steps include continuous product development and regular updates of styles and colors. They are currently using Amazon as another sales channel, which is currently being redesigned to meet ooia's specific needs. Other sales channels are also being evaluated for next year. However, the company's own online store as the most important D2C channel will always have priority.

Our main focus has been on supporting ooia in optimizing the shopping experience and proactively addressing future developments. We are determined to continue our partnership with ooia to strengthen their presence and continuously improve their customers' shopping experience. We look forward to future developments and the opportunities that could open up in this exciting area.

Many thanks to the ooia team for the great cooperation and their trust in our agency. We are looking forward to the next steps and developments of ooia in the market for sustainable female bodywear.

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