Alaiko: individualisierte Fulfillment-Dienstleistungen für Shopify Stores
Wednesday, 6 September 2023
Latori GmbH

Alaiko: individualized fulfillment services for Shopify stores

Fulfillment services have become an essential element in e-commerce to ensure the smooth flow of orders, inventory management and deliveries. These services are particularly important for fast-growing online companies, as they contribute significantly to customer satisfaction. From storage, picking and shipping to returns - only if all these sub-processes of logistics function smoothly are customers also satisfied at the end of the purchasing process. In this context, the young company Alaiko stands out as the leading provider of fulfillment services in Europe.

In this article, we would therefore like to introduce you to the fulfillment provider in more detail and explain, among other things, how you can benefit from these specific services for your Shopify store.

We are happy to help you with the connection of Alaiko to your online store! Contact us without any obligation.

What is Alaiko?

Alaiko GmbH is a company founded in 2020 with a clear focus on optimizing fulfillment processes for e-commerce companies. The primary goal for the two founders Moritz and Gabriel is to support the growth of their customers' stores and thus provide a better customer experience. Based on their own experience in the e-commerce sector, the two entrepreneurs are well prepared to tackle challenges faced by fast-growing online brands.

Automating and optimizing processes, especially in the post-sales area, is Alaiko's hobbyhorse. This allows the young fulfillment company to help minimize errors, shorten delivery times and increase customer satisfaction. Therefore, with a targeted focus on scalability and overcoming logistical challenges, Alaiko succeeds in making an important contribution to optimizing fulfillment processes.

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What does Alaiko Fulfillment offer as a service platform?

Aliko all-in-one solutionAlaiko offers owners of a Shopify store an all-in-one solution in that the fulfillment service provider takes over and automates all logistics tasks. In doing so, Alaiko covers all necessary sub-areas: incoming goods, storage, shipping and returns. The dedicated team is always available to advise its customers and offers comprehensive support services to ensure that individual logistics processes run smoothly.

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Scalability for logistics processes

Alaiko LogisticsThe fulfillment service provider offers growing companies automated solutions and flexible workforce planning for logistics, giving them the opportunity to scale their business. At the same time, a warehouse capacity with more than 100,000 shelf spaces ensures that your items are stored professionally. A flexible CEP and forwarding network with late cut-off times ensures fast and smooth delivery of your products.

Digital processes and innovations

Alaiko's services adapt perfectly to the growth of your Shopify store. Among other things, this is made possible by innovative technologies and digital processes. Both put-away and take-out processes run paperless and are supported by visual signals. In technical jargon, these processes are called put-to-light (putaway) or pick-to-light (picking) and are characterized by high efficiency. This is supported by the use of state-of-the-art conveyor technology. Digital control and visual support for employees at the packing table make it possible to individualize logistics processes for your e-commerce company as well.

Operating system and experts

Alaiko Operating System and expertsWith Alaiko OS, the service provider provides its customers with its own operating system, which helps to control fulfillment processes, identify optimization potential and continuously improve processes.

A dedicated account manager is on hand to answer questions about using the system.

Multi-carrier network and internationalization

Thanks to flexible multi-carrier solutions, customers of your Shopify store have the option of selecting one of many available shipping service providers. Switzerland and other non-EU markets such as the UK can also be accessed through exclusive cross-border solutions.

Omnichannel and B2B infrastructure

Whether D2C, B2B or omnichannel - together with Alaiko GmbH you manage your business via one and the same platform. In addition, the fulfillment provider scores with a worldwide transport network and daily pick-ups, which are realized by internationally leading forwarding partners and a real-time data transmission of stock levels.

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Value Added Services

On top of that, you can benefit from a diverse selection of value-added services at Alaiko. For example, the fulfillment service provider creates an individual and cost-optimized packaging concept for your online store, enabling your customers to experience a unique unboxing experience. Alaiko also takes care of appropriate labeling, insurance and automated customs clearance, so you can fully focus on your online store. A partner network also provides you with other services, such as branding, accounting or social media marketing.

Advantages of Alaiko fulfillment for merchants

E-commerce businesses working with the fulfillment provider comes with numerous benefits. First and foremost is the outsourcing of time-consuming logistics processes, as this saves online store owners a lot of time and, above all, resources. This allows you to focus on your core business again. Alaiko takes care of your fulfillment efficiently and relieves your operations team as well as your customer service.

We have summarized further essential advantages of Alaiko for you here:

  • Full control and transparency

  • Scalable growth (B2B and Omnichannel)

  • Automated and innovative processes

  • Personalized customer experience

  • Fast and simple connection to Shopify and Shopify Plus

Alaiko Prices - What the fulfillment service provider costs

Alaiko FulfillmentAlaiko's fulfillment services address individual customer requirements. Therefore, the question about the cost of this service cannot be answered with concrete numerical values.

However, there are differently priced service combinations. To gain insight into potential costs, customers can select one of three service plans and request current prices in line with their requirements by contacting us. The following service packages are available:

  • Professional: This service package represents the highest logistics standard and is suitable for online retailers who send at least 25,000 shipments per month.

  • Plus: With a volume of more than 10,000 shipments per month, Alaiko offers this service package as an ideal support for e-commerce merchants who want smooth processes and want to score with the best customer experience.

  • Growth: For successful online store owners who want to scale further, this service package is ideal with a shipment volume starting at 2,500 deliveries.

All service packages from the fulfillment service provider include the following services:

  • Individual development of the logistics concept

  • Accompanied relocation and onboarding process

  • Shipping time of 1-3 days to the EU, Switzerland and the UK

  • Strategic warehouse selection

  • Alaikos Logistics Operating System

  • Free connection of your store/ERP via interface or API

  • Personal support

Alaiko experiences from dealers

Alaiko experiences from dealersAlthough Alaiko is still young, it is no longer an unknown company in the e-commerce industry. On its website, the service provider presents numerous success stories from retailers who share their experiences with Alaiko, including well-known players such as Jokolade, gitti and the bag label AMELI Zürich.

The feedback is extremely positive. The in-house operating system and the individual unboxing experience are praised particularly often.

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Shopify & Alaiko: How Alaiko works together with Shopify

Alaiko connects directly to your online store via Shopify's in-house fulfillment app. Here's how it works:

  1. Download and install Shopify app

  2. Link your webshop

  3. Start data import

  4. Synchronize products

Alternatively, the webshop integration can also be realized via an Open API.

The onboarding process is accompanied by an account manager, who is also available for queries and optimization processes after the successful launch. Initially, Alaiko supports both the technical setup and the move of your goods to the warehouses of the fulfillment service provider.

Why Latori relies on Alaiko

With our new partner, we are further expanding our network and can connect efficient fulfillment services to your online store.

Why did you choose Alaiko? For us, the provider offers the best conditions, especially for users of Shopify and Shopify Plus, to further scale their business and make it capable of long-term growth.

How does the cooperation work?

Alaiko and Shopify cooperationKickoff

In the first step, we define the requirements and goals for your fulfillment project. This is done in constant exchange with you and your Alaiko account manager.


As an Alaiko partner, we are able to connect your online store to the fulfillment service using the Alaiko app or via API. In doing so, we support you with the configuration and ensure a smooth data import.

Continuous support

We continue to be available to you after implementation and work closely with Alaiko to respond quickly in the event of any questions or challenges dealing with fulfillment.

Latori - e-commerce since 2012

As the first Shopify Plus agency in Germany, we have already helped a number of companies switch to Shopify Plus or set up entirely new stores under the system. We can now look back on more than a decade of experience in e-commerce and know how important functional logistical processes are.

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What advantages does Alaiko offer companies?

Alaiko offers resource-efficient and time-saving solutions for warehouse and shipping processes. The fulfillment company helps founders focus on growing their business and relieves them of logistical challenges.

Where is Alaiko's warehouse located?

Alaiko's warehouse locations can vary depending on customer requirements. The fulfillment service provider has a warehouse network of strategically placed warehouses available to ensure fast and cost-effective delivery.

Does Alaiko offer international shipping options?

Yes, Alaiko provides international shipping services, including shipping within the EU, Switzerland, and the UK.

How are the costs for Alaiko's fulfillment services structured?

The cost of Alaiko's fulfillment services varies depending on the customer's specific requirements. A customized quote will be prepared for your company with the help of a contact request.

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