Shopify-App: Ab jetzt können Sie mit Shopify direkt bei eBay verkaufen
Wednesday, 1 April 2020
Latori GmbH

Shopify app: From now on you can sell directly on eBay with Shopify

In many cases, those who sell online do so not only in their own online store, but also with a multi-channel strategy via social networks or online marketplaces. The global players Amazon and eBay are particularly popular with the latter. Since Shopify has set itself the goal of offering its merchants a multi-channel e-commerce platform, new sales channels are regularly launched. And so it is now. As of now, eBay sellers can connect their account to their Shopify online store. A new app makes it possible. In this post, we'll introduce you to the new feature and explain how you can connect Shopify with eBay.

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Reach a broad mass - the eBay App makes it possible!

The eBay App for Shopify is now available in the Shopify App Store and enables online merchants to sell their products directly from their online store on eBay's online marketplace. Oliver Klinck, Chief Commercial Officer at eBay in Germany, describes the biggest advantage in the official press release as follows:

"By partnering with Shopify, we can now open up access to an additional sales market for many more merchants, especially in these challenging times for retailers."

An additional sales market - with 18 million buyers in Germany alone, this is definitely not insignificant for Shopify merchants! However, there are even more advantages that speak for the app and selling on eBay via Shopify:

  • Brand awareness is increased

  • Products are made available to a broader mass

  • Revenue and sales velocity are increased

  • Products, including inventory information, product titles and descriptions, item specifications, price and availability are synchronized with the eBay store and automatically updated. Management of all channels as well as communication with the customer can take place from a central dashboard.

You can also find more information on the official App Store Seite or on the Shopify Landingpage.

In 5 steps: How to connect Shopify with eBay

Linking Shopify and eBay is very simple and can be done by you in just a few steps.

1. First, log in to your Shopify store and click the + in the backend in the left side menu under Sales Channels.

2. Now the familiar list opens, which also includes Facebook, Instagram and the Buy button as sales channels. Select eBay as a channel here by clicking +.

3. Click Add Sales Channel.

4. Now click Connect to perform the linking. This is the penultimate step!

5. A new window will open asking for the access data to your eBay account. Enter them and you are ready to start managing!

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Frequently asked questions about connecting Shopify and eBay.

How do I add eBay to Shopify?

First, you need to add eBay in your Shopify backend under Sales Channels. After that, you need to connect the two together. The next step is to open a login to eBay. Once you have entered your data and logged in, you can also start managing.

What are the advantages of selling through eBay?

If you sell your goods through eBay as well, instead of just through your own store, you will benefit from the platform's wide reach and awareness. Selling through additional sales channels can be implemented without much additional effort.

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