LoyaltyLion & Shopify: Belohnen Sie Kunden für ihre Treue
Wednesday, 22 May 2024
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LoyaltyLion & Shopify: Reward customers for their loyalty

(Re)activating existing customers is considerably cheaper than acquiring new customers - so far, so obvious. The question that arises is: How can online retailers turn one-time buyers into existing customers? A loyalty programme can be an effective means of building customer loyalty in an online shop.

Because setting up a loyalty programme using in-house programming can be very time-consuming, numerous providers have established themselves with which these programmes can be implemented. LoyaltyLion is one of these providers, which we would like to introduce to you in this article.

Do you need support with the implementation of your loyalty program? Then get in touch with us. Our team of international Shopify Plus experts will be happy to advise you and pave the way for your e-commerce success.

What is LoyaltyLion?

LoyaltyLion app in Shopify app store

LoyaltyLion is a data-based loyalty and engagement platform that enables online retailers to retain their customers and thus increase the so-called returning customer rate, i.e. the proportion of users who return to their shop and buy again. The company was founded in 2012 and LoyaltyLion now claims to have more than 10,000 e-commerce shops among its customers.

LoyaltyLion was developed directly for Shopify and Shopify Plus so that it integrates seamlessly into the system. The service also has a range of connections to third-party providers, such as Klaviyo, Recharge and Okendo. Other services can also be connected to the platform using the LoyaltyLion API.

On-site and off-site targets

With LoyaltyLion, you can create a loyalty programme that motivates your customers to interact with your brand. The special thing about it is that it works both on-site and off-site. This means that you can define goals that are rewarded directly in your online shop, but also, for example, for engagement on your social media platforms.

Examples of on-site goals:

  • Create a customer account

    Purchases in the online shop

  • Newsletter subscription

  • Writing a product review

Examples of off-site goals:

  • Followers on social media platforms

  • Customer birthdays

  • New customer referrals

You are of course free to decide on the type and scope of your rewards. You have a wide range of options to choose from.

Examples of possible rewards:

  • Free products

  • Product samples

  • Free shipping

  • Discount codes

  • Skip the queue

  • Exclusive offers

  • Advance access to new products

Practical: With campaign days on which customers earn double points for your loyalty programme, for example, you can boost usage intensity and thus also increase engagement with your shop.

Fully integrated data analysis

LoyaltyLion rewards

LoyaltyLion takes a data-driven approach to help retailers get the most out of their programme. For this reason, numerous analysis functions are available to you. For example, you can track how much turnover your loyalty programme has generated within a specified period. You can also compare the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of programme users and non-users and evaluate the effectiveness of your various communication channels.

Rules and automations

By defining rules, you can decide, for example, whether a customer should be upgraded and receive more or better rewards when a certain number of loyalty points is reached. You can also automate various processes within your programme. For example, you can define that customers are automatically notified on their birthday.

Advantages of loyalty programs

LoyaltyLion loyalty programs

Customer loyalty in the online shop: Regular rewards make customers feel more valued. This strengthens trust and the bond between customers and your brand.

More sales: If you motivate customers to make repeat purchases from you and choose more and/or higher quality products, your sales volume and therefore also your turnover will increase.

Improved customer understanding: With the help of the loyalty programme, you learn which bonuses your customers prefer and can use this knowledge in subsequent business decisions.

Competitive advantages: By rewarding the loyalty of your customers, you prevent them from switching to the competition.

Reading tip: If you would like to find out more about loyalty programmes and their benefits, we recommend this blog post.

Integrate LoyaltyLion into Shopify

LoyaltyLion is very easy to integrate into Shopify via its own app.

  • To do this, log in to your Shopify shop as usual.

  • Navigate to the Shopify app store in the backend via "Add apps".

  • Search for the LoyaltyLion app and add it to your shop.

Once LoyaltyLion has been integrated into Shopify, you can set up your loyalty programme. The provider also supports its customers in this process if desired.

Onboarding takes place in 4 phases:

  • Define points and rewards

  • Create a loyalty page

  • Testing

  • Go live

LoyaltyLion allows a period of 30 days for onboarding.

Reading tip: A loyalty programme is just one way to increase customer satisfaction. We present many more in this blog post.

Latori customer Bodyshake opts for LoyaltyLion

LoyaltyLion & Latori customer Bodyshake

Bodyshake sells a wide range of proteins, vital substances, fit food and snacks. The Zwickau-based retailer uses LoyaltyLion for its PRIME programme, a subscription model that gives customers a 50 percent discount on all products. Buyers can test PRIME free of charge for one month, after which a monthly basic fee is charged.

In this way, Bodyshake increases its sales, retains particularly loyal customers and also generates recurring revenue.

LoyaltyLion prices

LoyaltyLion prices

LoyaltyLion offers three different price models.

Installation is free for companies that realise less than 400 orders per month. Retailers who regularly exceed this figure are contacted automatically.

The three payment models Classic, Advanced and Plus offer a different range of functions. LoylatyLion pricing is based on the monthly order volume. The Classic model starts at a cost of $ 249 / month. Retailers can enquire about the prices for Advanced and Plus from the provider.

Alternatives to LoyaltyLion


Smile.io can also be used to create and manage your own loyalty programmes.

Smile.io is available in four different price models with different functionalities.

Free (200 orders per month)

Starter: $ 49 / month (up to 500 orders / month)

Growth: From $199 / month (up to 2,500 orders / month, plus $20 for every 100 orders thereafter)

Plus: From $ 999 / month (up to 5,000 orders / month, plus $ 10 for every 100 orders thereafter)


If you would like to offer your customers a cashback programme, Joy is a possible alternative to LoyaltyLion.

Joy is also available in four price models and versions.


Pro: $ 35 / month

Advanced: $ 149 / month

Enterprise (Plus): $ 499 / month


BON claims that its loyalty widget works in 250 languages. This makes the app interesting for international shops.

When it comes to pricing, BON joins the ranks of loyalty programs and is available in four variants.

Free (250 orders / month)

Basic: $ 25 / month

Growth: $ 99 / month

Professional: $ 349 / month


A bonus program is a benefit both for customers and for you as a retailer. With attractive rewards, you express your appreciation for the loyalty of your customers - which they in turn honour with repeat purchases and/or a recommendation for your store. Shopify apps such as LoyaltyLion make it possible to create such a programme in no time at all.

If you need support with the implementation, please contact us!

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