Wie CdC Reitsport mit Latori und Shopify erfolgreich ihren ersten Onlineshop eröffneten
Tuesday, 27 June 2023
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How CdC Reitsport successfully opened their first online store with Latori and Shopify

The startup Charme du Cheval, also known as CdC Reitsport, freshly founded in September 2022, is a company of the Graschi family. The idea to open their own online store came from the desire of Norbert Graschi. Charme du Cheval offers riding articles for horse and rider. The focus is on the topic of sustainability. The Graschi family, all passionate riders, is very well-versed in equestrian sports and knows the business inside out. However, the experience in e-commerce was missing - so CdC Reitsport approached our Shopify agency.

The store for CDC Reitsport was completely rebuilt. In today's interview, owner and managing director Barbara Graschi tells us how this went.

The success can already be seen:

100%positive feedback
10%Organic growth in orders since launch
950%Organic growth of sessions since launch

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Development of an online store for the equestrian sports company Charme du Cheval

a screenshot of the homepage of the equestrian company Charme du Cheval

After a year of screening and analyzing the whole market, the choice fell on online sales of high-quality and sustainable equestrian products. It was assumed that e-commerce would be easier to start with than selling through a brick-and-mortar retail store.

"We thought that an online store would definitely be easier. [...] But now, in hindsight, it's already more adept in the segment," Barbara Graschi said.

Some challenges quickly became apparent. However, we were happy to support the company at any time.

Barbara Graschi communicated her requirements to Cenk Alpdogan, the responsible project manager at Latori, and a completely new store was then created and maintained on an empty Shopify basis.

With these challenges we supported CdC Reitsport

The biggest challenge at first was the lack of know-how to create a perfect, user-friendly online store. Further difficulties, such as building up reach and followers, were also added over time. Latori provided support here and successfully implemented the following measures:

  • Store setup with Shopify

  • Implementation of the design and adjustments to the frontend

  • Implementation of Plentymarkets as ERP system

  • Implementation of the blog

  • Implementation of the social media channels (Facebook and Instagram)

  • Setup of Shopify POS (Shopify checkout) for personal sales at trade shows

  • Integration of Klaviyo as newsletter tool

  • Implementation of Google Analytics and the cookie banner from Usercentrics

  • Configuration of apps, e.g. Trusted Shop

  • Marketing measures, e.g. banners, content maintenance, discount vouchers

a screenshot of the homepage of the equestrian company Charme du Cheval

Why Shopify?

Shopify was highly recommended to the Graschi family when it came to choosing a store system. After the first impression and consultation with Latori, the decision was made. Even now, with a live store, Shopify scores points above all for its ease of use and transparency. But she also likes the fact that Barbara can work independently with the system.

"The usability is super. I know everything I need to do - it's self-explanatory. I can get in anywhere, I can maintain my products, inventory and customers. I can see everything - it's already good."

In the future, the Graschi family is considering switching off the current merchandise management system plentymarkets and working exclusively with Shopify.

Why was Latori chosen?

To begin with, CdC Reitsport initially consulted a hotel in Fürth. CdC are well versed in equestrian sports, but inexperienced with selling through Shopify. This hotel brought Latori into the picture and recommended it. Shortly after, Barbara got in touch with our team. Here she felt directly understood and quickly realized that it fit.

"We talked to you guys and were immediately on the same wavelength. You immediately understood what we wanted, what the goal was and how the whole thing should look. Few follow-up questions were necessary and it was then implemented without a lot of words - exactly the way we wanted it."

Barbara also particularly liked the commitment of the team and the project manager Cenk Alpdogan here. The Latori team was always available for queries and immediately implemented Charme du Cheval's ideas. Barbara would also like to positively emphasize the transparency throughout in all matters.

Cenk Project Manager at Latori

Cenk Alpdogan, Project Manager at Latori

The results speak for themselves

Thanks to the good cooperation between CdC Reitsport and Latori, the store was launched after only 3 months.

Since the opening of the online store in September 2022, CdC Reitsport already records some results:

  • 100% positive customer feedback

  • 10% organic growth of orders since launch

  • 950% organic growth of sessions since launch

These are the next steps

"We wanted to start with the online store and now we are also in the process of opening a store - a store without fixed opening hours that will serve as a showroom. Customers can call, make an appointment and see things on site." - says Barbara Graschi.

CdC Reitsport also wants to give its customers the opportunity to look at the items at trade shows or tournaments.

The reason for this is the high-quality product range, which is in a price segment where many customers first shy away. Barbara explains that it works well with equestrian brands that are well-known on the market. Things that customers don't know, but are sustainably made, need to be touched and tried out by potential buyers.

In the future, Barbara will always come back to Latori if she has any problems or requests: "No matter what subsequent things we have, if there's a pop-up missing now or there are other changes, I would always come to you."

In addition, Barbara can also recommend working with Latori to other e-commerce beginners, as everything always runs smoothly and transparently.

"Everything has always been fair. They're great staff, the accessibility and assistance is always there." - Barbara Graschi

We thank Barbara Graschi for this pleasant interview and the trust placed in us! For the future, we wish CdC Reitsport continued success and look forward to further cooperation.

You would also like to open an online store and need the expertise of a Shopify agency? Then contact us without any obligation and we will be happy to advise you!

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