Eigener Shop oder Shopify
Montag, 13. April 2015
Latori GmbH

Own store or Shopify

Would you like to open an online shop?

Then you're probably also wondering what makes more sense for you - your own store or a Shopify store in the cloud.

There are advantages for both variants. In the following, we would like to present them to you:

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Shopify offers you many useful functions, such as a postage calculator for your customers, upload function for images and files, the function to create your products, and much more.

These functions have to be programmed from scratch in your own store. This has the disadvantage that it takes longer and the cost of creation is higher. However, this also has the advantage that the functions can be individually adapted to your needs and wishes.

URLs (address bar)

Shopify provides an ordered structure of URLs. These are not changeable. In your own store, this can be implemented as you would like. For example, a product can be found on Shopify under the URL YourShop.de/collection/MyProduct. You would like to have German terms in the address bar? Then this would be a reason to opt for your own custom store.


Your own store developed by us is more expensive in the beginning, because the features that Shopify offers you have to be created from scratch. After creation, you will not incur any monthly costs. Only additional work will need to be charged if it is incurred.

Shopify "rents" the store to you. This means that you do not pay for the creation of the store at the beginning, but you pay a monthly fee for your store. For this fee, Shopify provides you with everything from the backend, where you create products, to payment options, to the frontend, the store your customers see. Layout and functions can be customized to a large extent here as well.

Therefore, our recommendation is:

Shopify, if...

  • Shopify's features are sufficient for you.

  • You want to start quickly and publish your store.

  • You want to pay your store monthly

Your own shop, if...

  • You want to be independent of store systems and given functions.

  • You want to complete the development in peace and without time pressure.

  • Your budget allows for a one-time large payment and you do not want to pay monthly store rental costs.

In both cases we are happy to help you with the creation and programming of your store. We will be happy to advise you and give you valuable tips, just contact us.

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