Beste Shopify-Apps: 11 Tools im Shopify App Store für ein erstklassiges E-Commerce-Business
Montag, 19. Dezember 2022
Latori GmbH

Best Shopify apps: 11 tools in the Shopify App Store for a world-class e-commerce business

Shopify is one of the most popular store systems, which is why thousands of apps and extensions have been developed for the widely used e-commerce platform in recent years. There is no end in sight here, because new tools are offered every week. So it's difficult to keep track of this amount and decide which apps are the best for Shopify and which ones fit your individual needs and requirements. After all, not every app is equally suitable for every online store.

To make your decision a little easier, we present a selection of the best Shopify apps in this blog post. Choose the tools that best fit your product selection, customer type, and strategic goals.

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Usercentrics is a big player in the world of cookie banners and DSGVO. The app developed by Latori for Usercentrics GmbH serves as a cookie consent solution and ensures that website visitors have agreed before a tracking script or code is loaded. This provides users with granular control and transparency over the tracking technology used in your online store.


  • 30 days free trial

  • Standard plan: $6.00 per month

  • Business plan: $30.00 per month

▶ Download from Shopify App Store: Cookie Manager by Usercentrics.

Reading tip: Here we show you how to use legally compliant cookie banners with Shopify.

E-Mail & Newsletter


This marketing platform allows users to segment their customer data and send automated emails and text messages from the customer database. Klaviyo can also be used to create multi-level "email flows" to send welcome emails or rating prompts, for example. In addition, the database can be linked to social ads to target different audiences on Facebook.

So with this app for Shopify, customer relationships are strengthened because shoppers feel seen and addressed due to the personalizations. After a certain time, Klaviyo is even able to show you which measures are working and which are not. In this way, the tool uncovers trends that help you attract new customers as well as encourage existing ones to repurchase.


  • Free plan: Free installation

  • Email plan: $20.00 per month

  • SMS plan: $5.00 per month

▶ Download from Shopify App Store: Klaviyo.

Reading tip: Get to know the popular Shopify email marketing app Klaviyo in more detail here and learn how to create Shopify newsletters with it.

ein Screenshot der Asphaltgold Newsletter-AnmeldungLatori customers like Asphaltgold also use Klaviyo for their email marketing.

Customer service


Gorgias describes itself as an e-commerce helpdesk. The all-rounder in customer service and support provides you with a live chat helpdesk and useful tools such as email integration, automatic replies and ticket management. The solution can also be integrated with various support platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter or Outlook. The mobile app can be used to access the platform from anywhere. This means you can use the Gorgias app to access email, live chat, phone calls, Facebook, Instagram, and contact pages from a unified mobile platform and respond to requests.


  • 7 days free trial

  • Starter plan: $10.00 per month

  • Basic plan: $60.00 per month

  • Pro plan: $360.00 per month

  • Advanced plan: $900.00 per month

▶ Download from Shopify App Store: Gorgias.



LoyaltyLion is a data-driven customer loyalty platform trusted by countless e-commerce brands around the world. Merchants use the app to create loyalty programs tailored to their exact needs, increasing customer loyalty and their willingness to invest in points, rewards, etc. Loyalty points bind the clientele to the company and make them prefer to shop there again and again. With LoyaltyLion, shoppers can earn points for every on-site activity and later exchange them for rewards such as coupons or gift cards. The app also makes it possible to offer rewards such as free products or shipping.


  • Free plan: Free installation

  • Small Business Plan: $159.00 per month

  • Classic plan: $399.00 per month

  • Advanced plan: $729.00 per month

▶ Download from Shopify App Store: LoyaltyLion.



It's a well-known fact that existing customers are usually more valuable than new customers. This app for Shopify addresses this approach and is specifically designed to retarget existing customers through overlays, email retargeting, and strategic customer reengagement. With Nosto, users can create personalized product recommendations based on browsing history. For example, if a customer is only interested in black clothing, they will be shown black fashion rather than colorful fashion. With these top recommendations, you give your customers more options and more incentives to convert.


  • Free installation

  • Additional fees may apply.

▶ Download from Shopify App Store: Nosto.

Reading tip: In this post, we reveal how Shopify merchants can win back lost customers.

Product reviews

Among the best Shopify apps, is not to be missed. With this tool, merchants can collect, manage, and publish reviews from real customers. This way, you can get insightful feedback about your business and products, and also share it publicly. Reputation Manager also gives you the opportunity to monitor and influence feedback on various portals. Here, the ratings can be given in the form of text and video feedback. In addition, users have the ability to manage Instagram mentions, photo reviews or videos in one place and tag items in the image.


  • Free plan: Free installation

  • Launch Plan: $45.00 per month

  • Launch Plus Plan: $89.00 per month

▶ Download from Shopify App Store:

Product Data Feed


DataFeedWatch is also one of the best apps for Shopify. This solution is designed to help merchants optimize their product data feeds for Google Shopping and numerous other shopping channels. This helps to increase the performance of advertising campaigns on the relevant channels. Since this also reveals the performance of each individual product, those with poorer performance can be easily removed, increasing overall campaign ROI. In addition, with the DataFeedWatch app, you can sync your Amazon orders with your Shopify store without worrying about accidentally promoting out-of-stock products.


  • 15 days free trial

  • Store plan: $59.00 per month

  • Merchant plan: $79.00 per month

  • Agency plan: $199.00 per month

▶ Download from Shopify App Store: DataFeedWatch.

Taxes & Pricing

Latori Best Price Indicator

We are proud to present Latori Best Price Indicator under the Taxes and Pricing category. The app was developed by us so that Shopify merchants can automatically show their customers the lowest price of the last 30 or more days. The background to this is the new Price Indication Ordinance (PAngV for short), which has been in effect since May 28, 2022 and, among other things, imposes strict rules on merchants when it comes to discount promotions. Since our Best Price Indicator tracks and stores the price changes of all product variants, you can comply with the new regulation without much effort.


  • Free plan: Free installation

    Starter plan: $9.99 per month

    Standard plan: $34.99 per month

    Enterprise plan: $79.99 per month

▶ Download from Shopify App Store: Latori Best Price Indicator.

Reading tip: You can find out more about the Latori Best Price Indicator and what exactly EU law requires in this article.

ein Bildschirm der Asphaltgold ProduktseiteShopify merchants like Asphaltgold use the Best Price Indicator to display EU-compliant discounts on product pages.

Tax Exempt Manager

Tax Exempt Manager (TEM) is an app developed by Latori for Shopify merchants. This plugin is used to show B2B customers from abroad the correct VAT rate or the exact net value at checkout. Behind the app is an algorithm that checks your B2B customer's VAT ID against VIES, the official EU database. If it turns out to be correct, the price is automatically adjusted at checkout and your business customers can shop without VAT.


  • 14 days free trial

  • Basic plan: $9.99 per month

▶ Download from Shopify App Store: Tax Exempt Manager.

Reading tip: All other features of Tax Exempt Manager can be found in this blog post.



The app is based on efficient, self-learning search technology that enables e-commerce businesses to deliver more accurate results to their clientele. In addition, Klevu can connect online store visitors with the products that are most relevant to them. Another major benefit for retailers is that they can use the app to intelligently promote key offers and gain important insights into search performance through regular reports from the Klevu solution.


  • 14 days free trial

  • Growth plan: $199.00 per month

  • Premium plan: $499.00 per month

  • Premium+ plan: $799.00 per month

  • Enterprise plan: Free installation, price on request.

▶ Download from Shopify App Store: Klevu.

Reading tip: We have integrated the app Klevu e.g. at BIKE & OUTDOOR COMPANY GmbH & Co. KG. Learn more about the B.O.C. success story here.

ein Screenshot der Suchoption der B.O.C.-WebseiteAt the retailer B.O.C., Klevu was used to make the search easier for the clientele.

Shipping, Tracking & Returns


Sendcloud is one of the best apps in the shipping, tracking and returns category. The software enables online retailers to manage and optimize the checkout process, tracking and return of orders on a central platform. Administrators have the ability to set workflows and rules to automatically assign orders the desired shipping method - based on the customer's shipping preferences. The app can also be used to print shipping labels with a barcode scanner and create CN22 forms for customs clearance. Furthermore, Sendcloud allows you to keep a better overview of all order details and improve your marketing activities by adding advertising banners to the branded tracking page, for example.


  • Essential plan: Free installation

  • Small Shop Plan: $45.00 per month

  • Large-Shop plan: $99.00 per month

  • Business Plan: $199.00 per month

▶ Download from Shopify App Store: Sendcloud.


There are numerous categories in the Shopify App Store with hundreds of apps, so it can be very difficult for Shopify merchants to decide which ones they really need. It goes without saying that your Shopify store can't grow properly without the right tools. That's why in this post we've introduced you to some of the best Shopify apps and hope that they will help you optimize your e-commerce business in terms of taxes, discounts, cookies and more. If you need advice or support in the areas of implementation and maintenance for your Shopify or Shopify Plus store, then we are the right contact for you. You want a feature for your online store that doesn't exist like this? We also develop our own Shopify apps!

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Frequently asked questions about the best Shopify apps

Why do I need apps for Shopify?

The ability to customize your online store using apps is one of Shopify's greatest strengths. Merchants from all industries can find the right tools for them from a huge app store and easily add them to their store to customize it or simplify processes without any programming knowledge.

What are important apps for Shopify?

In this blog post, we have compiled a selection of the best Shopify apps for you. Of course, which tools you need depends on your own wishes and needs. However, some are indispensable. One of these, for example, is that your online store should definitely have Cookie Consent, as this is required by law in Germany. We recommend the Cookie Manager app from Usercentrics for this. The Latori Best Price Indicator also protects you from legal consequences by keeping an eye on all price changes in your store so that you can easily comply with the new EU Price Indication Regulation.

How much do the best Shopify apps cost?

The prices for the best Shopify apps vary greatly. In the Shopify App Store, there are many tools that are completely free or can at least be used with limited functionality for free. However, most of the apps on our list require a monthly fee after a one-month trial period at the latest. However, since the best Shopify apps make your everyday business life much easier, they are well worth the money. Especially when it comes to legal issues, such as cookie consent or pricing information, you should be prepared to invest money to be protected from warnings.

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